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External conflict comes to an end with the dawn of internal peace. (David Berceli, PhD)

Dr Melanie Salmon – TRE® Training/Advanced/Workshops

TRE® Certification Trainer
QEC (Quantum Energy Coaching) Training
Phone: 072 3322173
Somerset West
Dr Melanie Salmon (MB BCh Rand) took early retirement from General Practice in UK (2009) to introduce TRE to South Africa. She ran the National TRE Training program with Dr David Berceli, founder, between 2009 and 2012.

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Since then she has focused on TRE Practitioner training in the Western Cape.
She has also run several innovative TRE programs within NGOs which serve marginalized communities, Rape Crisis & SOS Children’s Village (WC) & Chrysalis Academy.

In September 2016 she has certified eight TRE Providers to serve the wellbeing of the members of Parliament in Cape Town, South Africa. See related article here: TRE® Provider Training with Parliamentary Staff 

TRE has continued to grow exponentially year on year and is the tool of choice, negating endless & expensive therapy sessions to deal with ones stress, tension or trauma.In the world that we currently find ourselves in, we are faced with the day to day unfolding of trauma & violence ~ watching the TV news stations can be traumatic in itself.

QUOTE : “later that night I held an atlas in my lap, ran my fingers across the whole world & whispered “where does it hurt?'” It answered “Everywhere, everywhere, everywhere” ~ Warsan Shire

Our bodies are like an atlas of all the roads that we have traveled in our life time and there are times we feel like we hurt ‘everywhere’. Before we can live in a world with less pain & suffering, we need to deal with the pain & suffering within ourselves. TRE is unquestionably the tool of choice for finding our road to freedom from our past.


TRE (Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises) is a body based modality designed to release stored stress or trauma.  It is easily learned and reaches a wide range of people regardless of language or culture. The results are profound in a short time period.

TRE training is open to a wide range of people and is easily integrated into other helping professions. No specific educational requirements are needed to train in TRE.

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AUDITING (repeating M1 or M2 Workshops) for certified TRE® Providers:
CPD points awarded
Cost: R2000 for 3 days, food included
Application to Michelle Green

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Dr Salmon is the Founder of QEC. She runs QEC Practitioner Trainings as an additional (coaching) tool for TRE Providers and other health professionals. In her view TRE and QEC go hand in hand leading to a more holistic and complete healing.

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QEC Practitioner Training ( 30 CPD points)
Total cost for full training R4500 lunch included
Cost for Audit (repeat of M1 or M2) R2250 lunch included
Application to Michelle Green

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