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TRE® Provider Membership

TRE® Provider Membership:

All certified TRE® Providers in South Africa and other countries on the African continent can sign up to become members of TFA. The revised annual membership fee for 2016/17 is R 300. (from 1 May 2016) All paid up members are eligible to

  • have their professional profile listed on the website
  • submit their TRE Events to the calendar
  • may participate in writing articles or submitting content for the blog
  • will receive a newsletter from TFA
  • may choose to have their events advertised via a Public Newsletter from the website at an additional fee. (please enquire)

TRE Providers may join anytime and receive an acknowledgement of receipt valid for 12 months. They will be reminded to renew when it expires.  TFA may or may not revise the annual fee from 1 May 2017.

We sincerely thank everyone who paid up and is listed on our website. The annual fees are used for the maintenance and extension of this site as well as general administration of TFA and small projects as opportunity arises.


REGISTERING AS A USER on this website does not bring your profile up on the list. You will have to pay your annual fees and send a proof of payment and your details (see below) including a short bio and a picture to

Our Banking Details:

TRE for Africa Foundation
Investec Bank Branch Code 580105
Account Number: 5000 901 1550
REF : Surname of Member and M for membership

and send a proof of payment and your details to :

Name,TRE Level
Phone no
Email address
Website Address (if any)
Area of operation or address
Photo (jpg)

FOR THOSE WHO ARE ALREADY LISTED, PLEASE NOTE :  You may now submit a text of 300 words max to go with your profile.

It you are a certified TRE Provider but do not want to be listed on the website for now, you will still need to enter into membership and pay the annual fee if you would like to:

  • Initiate a Project (which includes TRE) for which you would like to fundraise via TRE For AFRICA
  • Work within projects or general TRE (groups, TRE Intro’s etc) that are initiated and facilitated by TRE for AFRICA
  • Contribute to the website by writing articles or submitting other interesting content under your authorship and (c))