Due to circumstances changing globally, TRE® Trainers and Providers have been stepping up in their effort to make TRE® available online.

  • Learn one-on-one with a Provider
  • Attend TRE® group sessions
  • Sign up for TRE® Provider Training (partly or fully online)
  • Attend the two day TRE® Workshop (Module 1 ) online to learn TRE® for personal use.

TRE® is a Revolution in stress, tension and trauma release that helps you move from recovery to
resilience and optimal performance.

TRE® is a simple but profound process that is not only used to ‘release’ stress & trauma after the fact, but just as importantly prevent chronic stress and burnout by building capacity and physiological resilience in the nervous system through ongoing and regular use.

TRE® is a self-empowering resource to literally shake off stress, tension and trauma on a regular basis to help you create:

  • deeper relaxation
  • improved sleep
  • reduced pain
  • greater resilience
  • reduced occupational stress
  • improved core stability
  • more energy & vitality
  • stronger mindfulness
  • faster recovery
  • empowered relationships
  • natural calm and patience

TRE® is for anyone who finds they get charged up in response to the stresses of daily life by getting irritated, frustrated, anxious or worried who would benefit from unwinding these emotional body based responses to experience greater peace, calmness and freedom in their lives – which basically includes all of us!

When we come to know that the tension we feel in our body is a sign that our energy is ‘closed down’ and experience the deep relaxation these vibrational tremors bring, we open the door to re-experience the fullness of life 

Watch this 5 minute video for a short explanation of TRE®

TRE® is a powerful modality to assist a wide variety of individuals and groups to cope  better with the demands of life. While it is extremely effective as a stand-alone practice, it also deepens all other stress-relief practices such as mindfulness, yoga, and meditation and supports trauma counselling and psychological interventions.

Please note: TRE® is not a substitute for trauma counselling or other proven and endorsed methods and therapies in the treatment of chronic stress and trauma.
It is not said to ‘heal trauma’ and all individuals who are suffering from or diagnosed Bi-polar, PTSD or Developmental Trauma are advised to learn TRE® with a qualified Provider. Individuals under psychiatric care and/ or medication are advised to learn TRE® with a qualified Provider and include their therapist or doctor in the process. There are medical Doctors, Psychologists and Counselors among our TRE® Providers who can answer questions and give advice.