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Advanced TRE® Provider – Application & Info


Teaching TRE® is closely connected to the ongoing personal practice of tremoring and our TRE® community is alive and thriving because we keep on communicating among each other and sharing our experience and skills. It is now time to reward and recognize those among our colleagues who contribute to TRE® in an exceptional way, at the same time enhancing their own skills.


The Advanced Provider Application Form has been updated (6/2017) for more clarity with regards to the Clinical Supervision section.

Download the ‘Advanced Provider Application Form – 2017’ by clicking on the link below:


Everything is explained within this form. You will not need to send any documents except for the form, having filled in the requested information.

An administration fee of R 100 is payable annually on application for Advanced Provider status.

Please pay to:

TRE for Africa Foundation
Investec Bank Branch Code 580105
Account Number: 5000 901 1550

Your application and proof of payment is to be sent to

and will be reviewed by a rotating panel of three Certification Trainers.
The turnaround should be 1 -2 weeks.

You will receive an invoice and a reminder for renewal of your Advanced Provider status ONE MONTH PRIOR to expiry date.


You need to be a member of  TRE® for AFRICA in order to apply for Advanced Provider Status ( irrespective of having your profile on the website). If you are published on the website, all is well.

You can find all information about membership by clicking the link below:

TRE® Provider Membership Info

We are looking forward to receive your application !

As an Advanced Provider you will be able to raise your marketing profile, hold TRE® Workshops and be recognized as a major contributor to the advancement of TRE®. All successful applicants will have their website listing updated and featured on the TRE® for Africa Facebook page.


Please download and read the document to familiarize yourself with the definition of the terms  TRE® Practitioner, TRE® Provider, TRE® Advanced TRE® Provider, TRE® Mentor, TRE® Mentor Trainee, TRE® Certification Trainer and TRE® TST Team Member and the extension of the global structure for  TRE®. The Organisation holding the space for global TRE® is now TRE® FOR ALL Inc, an NPO under US law.

Roles and Structure in GCTP

Advanced TRE® – Options and Information

This website has been updated to include information on the options that are  available for certfied TRE® Providers to

  1. Attend post certification Supervision
  2. Audit a M1/M2 workshop and/or supervision days
  3. Attend Workshops and Groups
  4. Participate in the TRE® Community

On the Provincial Certification Trainer Pages OR the EVENTS section of this website you can find more information on what is offered in your Province and region.

Here is how:

Please use the links (below) to the Certification Trainer Pages


Barbara Kuppers – TRE® Training/Advanced/Workshops

Haley Ritzlmeyr – TRE® Training/Advanced

TRE® Mentors:
Drickus Blom e-mail:   phone: 072 386 9226
Evelyne Mbangot-Sera e-mail: phone:072 460 2554

KwaZulu Natal:

Su Thomas – TRE® Training/Advanced/Workshops

Anita Simon – TRE® Training/Advanced/Workshops

Robin Vanderplank email: Phone: 082 499 1344

Limpopo & Mpumalanga:

Erika Coertzen – TRE® Training/ Advanced

Western Cape:

Fiona Leibowitz –  TRE® Training/Advanced/Workshops

Ingrid Regenass – TRE® Training/Advanced/Workshops

Dr Melanie Salmon – TRE® Training/Advanced/Workshops

or look for TRE Training and other workshops / groups on the EVENTS CALENDAR 

If you find typo’s, broken links and other inconsistencies in these lists and pages, please report it to Su by writing to:

Thank you