The Advanced TRE Training was a resounding success, attended by 67 TRE Providers, Trainers and Mentors from all over South Africa.


we learned exceptional and valuable skills in facilitating TRE, deepening the process for ourselves and our clients. As always, there was a good balance between experiential learning and discussion and teaching/listening.

Strategies for a Sustainable Implementation of TRE® in Diverse Contexts

we defined areas of interest and needs and inspired by examples of TRE in communities and different cultural and social contexts. Again, it brought home to us why we love TRE – the work based on our human physiology and common needs lends itself to be used everywhere, it is inclusive and empowering – fostering trust in oneself and one another.

Thank you Joan McDonald (TST Canada) and Mariano Pedroza (TST Brazil) for your leadership and input.

We, as a network of TRE Providers and Trainers, cherished to connect and reconnect with each other and seek ways to broaden our knowledge and skills as well as communicating ideas and making plans for the future.

Here is a 3 minute video capturing the spirit and atmosphere of our time together. Enjoy.

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