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External conflict comes to an end with the dawn of internal peace. (David Berceli, PhD)

Alexandria – Eastern Cape (Su Thomas)

Alexandria – Eastern Cape

Module 1 on 13 -15 July 2018

Registration form please click here : M1 TRE Alexandria Registration Form July 2018

This Workshop offers 6 TRE sessions and teachings : The Basic Premise of TRE, Trauma and the Brain (Neurology of Trauma), Trauma and the Body (Physiology of Trauma), The Autonomous Nervous System, Survival Responses, The Polyvagal Theory, Science of Compassion, Belief Systems, Cultural and Individual Responses to Trauma.

 Venue : Heritage Guest House
in Alexandria, Eastern Cape
Course fee includes teas, snacks and lunch.
Accommodation at Heritage Guesthouse available at R 350 pP sharing and R 450 single occupancy per night plus R 85 English breakfast.

Quick Overview: Complete course takes 10 months (due to December and January being a time when many people are not available). Monthly workshop (except December) on a Saturday throughout and M2 (3 day Workshop) in February 2019. Projected certification date April 2019

You receive: Module 1 and Module 2 (3 day workshops and Supervisions throughout the training, whether in person or via Skype needs to be seen, depends on how many trainees and how often I can come back to the EC.

4 one on one sessions (2 with your trainer and 2 with another certified Provider)Individual and confidential feedback on all your journals
Learning Material, PDF and Video on Memstick
Friendship, fun and deep and liberating self-discovery
Registration with TRE for ALL Inc as a Provider, access to their portal for further learning.

The complete course is valued at R 19 000
Option 1 : Pay upfront and save R 1500
Option 2: Pay 50% on M1 and 50% on M2 and save R 1000
Option 3) Pay R 3500 in July 2018 and February 2019 (M1 and M2) and R 1500 per month on 8/9/10/11/12 2018 and 1/3/4 2019 = R 19000

 ONE sponsored training track is available on application. ( Sponsored means that the trainee pays what they can pay toward the fees throughout the course and after completion of all requirements the rest of unpaid fees will be waived) 

Also open for everyone as a one off TRE 3 day workshop – fee R 3500

  Your TRE Practice during the course :

  • Personal Journal on your own process
  • Min 5 individual sessions with 5 different people
  • One individual needs to be taken through 6 consecutive sessions
  • Min 5 sessions with different groups
  • One group needs to be taken through 6 consecutive sessions
  • Client Facilitation and Group facilitation journals sent and feedback received

Peer sessions and sessions with other certified Providers do not count toward these practice requirements.

REGISTRATION FORM : M1 TRE Alexandria Registration Form July 2018

Thank you for your interest, I am looking forward to hear from you. The TRE Provider Training is more than learning a new skill you will share with Clients – it is a personal journey.

You are invited to share your authentic presence with those who need a safe space to heal. TRE is doing the rest.

CPD Allocation
Health Professions Council SA: Module 1=15 CPD Module 2=16 CPD
Total 31 Points

Allied Health Professions Council SA: Chiropractors Module 1=20 CPD points
Module 2=20 CPD points Total 40 CPD Points

Other Modalities Module 1=8 CPD points Module 2=8 CPD points
Total 16 CPD Points