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External conflict comes to an end with the dawn of internal peace. (David Berceli, PhD)

Anita Simon – TRE® Training/Advanced/Workshops

AnitaSimonTREAnita M. Simon
TRE® Certification Trainer (trainee)
Phone: +27 84 015 0166
Area: Durban Glenwood, Berea, Morningside

Anita is passionate about contributing to the global community by supporting and encouraging individuals and organizations to discover all that they are and can be and thereby to realize their full potential. Her approach includes process facilitation, organizational development, facilitating processes for leadership and personal mastery and building and maintaining great teams. Leadership for life coaching and TRE® contribute to a person’s living a life of personal integrity and to a world where we live together in mutual acceptance of our differences.

Anita is fluent in four languages and works with communities, national and international NGO’s, the public and private sectors bringing her work to Tanzania, Angola, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and other countries.

Contact her if you are living in any of these countries and would like to know more about TRE®. Anita will be happy to explore possibilities in bringing TRE® to you.

When she is not travelling, she participates in the training of TRE® Providers in Durban


Anita is available for Post Certification Supervision face-to-face or on Skype.


Basic Facilitation Skills Training for TRE® Providers
To strengthen and deepen your work with individuals and groups

2-5 day learning programme to deepen and develop your capacity to facilitate client-focused participatory processes. A unique learning opportunity

Facilitation Skills contribute to improving your ability to observe, listen and to use powerful questions to support individuals and/or groups to get to the core of their own thoughts, ideas and intentions. This skills development programme is an intensive learning programme focused on supporting participants to deepen and develop their capacity to facilitate participatory processes. It can be run for groups over several days – from 2 – 5 days – or longer.

A core curriculum and a clear conceptual and theoretical base form the foundation for this tailor-made programme that is co-created with the participants and adapted to the needs of the particular participant group.

Practise is at the centre of the programme. As a participant you will experience real facilitation situations and learn from your own experience and that of others’, by facilitating and practising both giving and receiving direct feedback with trainers and fellow participants.

Originally developed by Olive (OD & T), the programme is led by Anita Simon (and colleagues if the group is large) with extensive local and international experience in training, facilitation and organisation development. Previous participants have traditionally come from a wide range of different sectors as well as from every continent and most African countries.

Facilitation is a relational practice and you are the person doing the relating! Thus you can’t develop your facilitation skills beyond a purely technical level without working with yourself.  Personal development and reflection are core components of the programme. You are the instrument of your practice! This is an opportunity to work with personal development as well as with skills development. As a TRE Provider, you will recognize this call to working with self in order to be able to work with others!

A wide variety of methods and techniques are used in the learning process including creative and non-rational ways of working.

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