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External conflict comes to an end with the dawn of internal peace. (David Berceli, PhD)

TRE® Introduction @ Woza Moya – iXopo, KwaZulu Natal

Woza Moya is a community-based NGO located in the Ofafa Valley of rural KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

Presenting TRE® on Academic Conferences Internationally

TRE® Provider Tonja Blom, now residing in the Western Cape,  started her certification training in 2014 in Durban.

Welcome Hon Lechesa Tsenoli on the TRE® for Africa Board

We are glad to announce Mr Lechesa Tsenoli on the Board of TRE® for Africa Foundation.

TRE® South Africa CT Meeting – May 2015

The South African TRE® Certification Trainers, Trainees and Mentors met in May 2015 for a four day Seminar in the beautiful TEMENOS Lodge in McGregor, Western Cape. It was the third annual meeting and all participants thoroughly enjoyed the time together. Besides catching up on the news from every coner of our beautiful country, they […]

TRE® KwaZulu Natal – 2015 Certification and Training Roundup

Congratulations to our TRE Providers who certified in April 2015 : Back row: Matthew Smith, Sheena Arnott, Claudia Pedlar, Tonja Blom, Garth Miller, Lesley Mitchell, (Trainers: Robin Vanderplank, Anita Simon) Front row: Kelly Berry, Doreen Sithole (Trainer: Su Thomas) Congratulations to our TRE® Providers who certified in August 2015 Gareth Tennant, (Trainers: Su Thomas, Anita […]

TRE® Introduction – EAPA KwaZulu Natal Chapter

Contribution by Su Thomas In August 2015 we were invited to present TRE® to a group of KwaZulu Natal based members of EAPA – mainly working within Government Departments (Health, Education,Sport and Recreation, SAPS and more) who were very keen to learn more about stress release. Initiated by one of our current TRE Provider trainees, […]

TRE® for Helderberg Rape Crisis Volunteers

Contribution by Beverley Streng A group of Somerset West TRE Providers (Dr Melanie Salmon, Beverley Streng, Tim Knight, Donovan Brown and others) worked together during November/ December 2015 to offer a pro bono 6 week group course to a small group of Helderberg Rape Crisis volunteers. This initiative came about after discussion with the centre […]

Taking TRE® into the Corporate World

Contribution by Viv Routledge Managing the effects of stress is one of the biggest challenges facing the Corporate world so it was encouraging when Spier Holdings decided to try a different approach by offering TRE to their staff. The goal was to equip them with a skill that would enable them to better manage their […]

TRE® Programme with Ottery Youth Care Centre

Manuela Kacinari Wall and Christine Cornick began working with Ottery Youth Care Centre in Cape Town (for Juvenile Offenders) in April 2015 and have so far run a TRE courses with 20 of the staff and 18 of the boys in their care programme. Desiree English also joined the training team for some of the […]

TRE® for Victims of Xenophobic Violence – Durban

In early 2015, a wave of xenophobic unrest and violence shook South African Cities and regions. Durban was affected as well and within a short time, thousands of residents from African countries (mostly from Zimbabwe and Malawi but also from Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo and others) who were living in and around […]