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External conflict comes to an end with the dawn of internal peace. (David Berceli, PhD)

TRE® Introduction on Video

What is TRE® ?

TRE® stands for Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises. Developed by Dr David Berceli, TRE® is a self-help technique that deliberately activates our bodies’ instinctive tremor mechanism in a safe and controlled way.  Session by session, these tremors help to release the build up of  muscular tension patterns acumulated in our body during stressful and traumatic […]


Case study presentation by Dr Melanie Salmon TRE Trainer, Somerset West, Western Cape, South Africa, June 2016

TRE® Testimonials (video) from South Africa

Haley Ritzlmeyer – TRE® Certification Trainer in Johannesburg describes how TRE® helped her release chronic lower back pain. TRE® Provider Wynitta Cormack shares how TRE® changed her life TRE® Certification Trainer Erika Coetzer (Limpopo) learned TRE with other members of her family in 2012. She is now a TRE Certification Trainer in Limpopo and Mpumalanga […]

Dr Berceli speaks about TRE®

Explanation of TRE® in Medical History Post Traumatic Growth

TRE® Helps Veterans Recover From Combat Stress

This is a collection of videos related to TRE® in the recovery from combat stress and trauma related to military service.

TRE® for Addicts – Finding Balance and Sustainability in Recovery

By Frances Ward Reg. Addiction/ Trauma Therapist TRE®  Provider “Just one more drink” “I’ll stop tomorrow” “I’m just so stressed” “I need something to deal with the pain and anxiety” In South Africa’s diverse population, many people abuse substances or alcohol. For some, chronic stress due to poverty, lack of safety, and other […]

Tension and Trauma Release – Video

TRE is a wonderful way of getting back into balance – it uses the body’s natural ability to release the excess energy that is created in situations of stress or overwhelm. A mechanism which is inbuilt and effective. It is scientific, it is logic, it has always been there. A tool that is easy to […]

Healing from Shame

by Dr Melanie Salmon Level 3 TRE Trainer and QEC founder I believe that SHAME is seldom talked about and seldom does it appear in the literature on healing modalities. As a Trainer for Practitioners in both TRE (Trauma Releasing Exercises) and QEC (Quantum Energy Coaching), I feel the time has come to shine a […]

Life After Trauma

The unconscious und uncontrolled yet natural survival reactions we experience in a traumatic situation are supposed to be temporary and the body should be allowed to return to its natural relaxed state. That is what we expect and what seems to happen:  anger calms down, fear is diminished, the broken bone is healed but still […]