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External conflict comes to an end with the dawn of internal peace. (David Berceli, PhD)

Durban Metro – Outer West – Highway Area

For your safety and comfort you should only receive TRE® guidance from certified individuals. Please do not receive TRE®  guidance from anyone who is not certified and listed on this website or on Although the exercises evoke tremors easily, the ability to understand and safely guide a person through a successful completion of a session is more complex. The goal of providing you with certified TRE® Providers is to ensure you have a safe, pleasant and positive experience.

A certified TRE® Provider is qualified to take both individuals and groups through the TRE Process. A TRE® Certification Trainer will offer individual and group TRE® as well as TRE® Provider Training.


TRE® Certification Trainer
Life Coach (COMENSA), Therapeutic Fascia Massage
Phone No: 082 787 2229
Website (German language blog):
Area: Outer West, Hillcrest, Pinetown ,
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Having experienced profound liberation and joy in my own TRE® process, I have made this work my main focus. I sometimes use TRE® alongside with Wisdom Coaching and Fascia Release Therapy for a truly holistic approach. I attended training with David Berceli in 2011/12 in South Africa and am now leading the TRE® Provider Training in KwaZulu Natal. I am founding member of TRE for AFRICA Foundation and the webmaster for this website. Born in Germany, I speak German fluently.

For up to date information on TRE® Provider Training in KwaZulu Natal, please follow this link: Su Thomas – TRE®Training/Advanced/Workshops


Dominance Profiling, Brain Training and Brain Balancing
Phone: 084 5485277
Area: Durban, Westville,Outer West Area
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I have always loved working with people and when I was introduced to TRE in February 2010, I felt that I had finally ‘come home’; and I have never looked back! The learning continues and each client or group I facilitate provides new insights for me, as I observe them change their stories through TRE.  As TRE Providers, we are there to witness and support people to connect with their own innate ability to heal and be healthy. TRE is a body centred method, which we can use as a pressure-release valve, which enables one to release deep rooted chronic tension, as well as facilitate recovery from traumatic events. As a qualified Nutritional Consultant, I incorporate nutrition into my TRE work with clients. I believe that healing starts with the body and through TRE and Nutrition, empowers people to make better choices to heal themselves in a more holistic way.

I run regular TRE group workshops in Westville and I also see clients individually. I usually work with a client for a few sessions to teach self-regulation and to ensure optimal results are achieved through facilitation.

Another passion of mine is working with children to overcome learning difficulties using Dominance Profiling and Brain Balancing/Training. What I notice in many children who are struggling at school is that there is often a history of trauma. This brought me to work with children using TRE, and I saw 16 children through a series of 4 TRE sessions in Durban in 2013.


Nutritional Consulting & Stress Management
Dip. D.N. ITEC (U.K.)
Phone: 083 400 5924
Twitter: @healthytails
Area: Durban North, Hillcrest and surrounds

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Hazel is a Nutritional Consultant & qualified with the South African College of Complementary Therapies, as well as the International Therapy Examination Council (I.T.E.C.) U.K. Hazel is also an Advanced TRE Provider (Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises) and teaches TRE to individuals as well as to groups. She started her practice on 1st March 2011 to offer Nutritional Coaching & TRE sessions. Prior to this, Hazel owned a franchise shop called House of Health in Umhlanga Rocks, Durban, South Africa for 8 years. During that time she provided nutritional & dietary advice when she was involved in a once-weekly support group for adults with ADD/ADHD for 2 years.

Hazel has worked with all ages – teaching TRE to emergency responders, businessmen and women, school children (including a remedial class), school staff and principal, office staff, accident victims, hi-jack and break-in victims, frail care residents, and members of the public from all walks of life. Even people who have not suffered a major trauma, or are not under much stress, who simply want to feel more grounded in themselves and more present in the moment, come and learn this wonderful tool for life.

Hazel’s vision is….
to empower others to manage their own health by giving them the tools needed to heal themselves; to facilitate improvement in mobility through TRE for accident injuries and after surgery and to help relieve stress, tension and anxiety in the workplace, home, and in the community, bringing peace and harmony to all.

Anita M. Simon
TRE® Certification Trainer (trainee)
Phone: +27 84 015 0166
Area: Durban Glenwood, Berea, Morningside

Anita is passionate about contributing to the global community by supporting and encouraging individuals and organizations to discover all that they are and can be and thereby to realize their full potential. Her approach includes process facilitation, organizational development, facilitating processes for leadership and personal mastery and building and maintaining great teams. Leadership for life coaching and TRE® contribute to a person’s living a life of personal integrity and to a world where we live together in mutual acceptance of our differences.

Please visit her page  to learn more:  Anita Simon – TRE® Trainine/Advanced/Workshops

Anita is fluent in four languages and works with communities, national and international NGO’s, the public and private sectors bringing her work to Tanzania, Angola, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and other countries.

Contact her if you are living in any of these countries and would like to know more about TRE®. Anita will be happy to explore possibilities in bringing TRE® to you. When she is not travelling, she participates in the training of TRE® Providers in Durban

Robin Vanderplank
Advanced TRE® Provider and Mentor

Clinical Psychologist
KZN Representative for ADHASA
Individual and Family Therapy
Encounter group work
Trauma Counselling
Phone: 082 4991344
Area: Hillcrest, Outer West and Durban Central 

Robin Vanderplank is a Clinical Psychologist who works with individual and family therapy, encounter group work, trauma counselling, emotional intelligence and provides counselling for adults and children with ADD/ADHD. He is involved in supporting school teachers/pupils and their parents.
Robin also offers private TRE sessions  to individuals, which can be included in a counselling session. He is the KwaZulu Natal Representative for ADHASA
(Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Support Group of Southern Africa).
His diploma in Nutrition & Diet Theory enables him to include nutrition into the holistic approach he has always preferred to use when working with people. This work is based on understanding the nutritional components of psychological functioning.

Robin is TRE® Mentor and co-leading the TRE® Provider Training. He provides supervision for certified TRE® Providers who would like to apply for the Advanced TRE® Provider status.

TRE® Providers 

cheryl-tresmallCheryl-Ann Antonizzi – TRE® Provider
Fascia Release Facilitator
Phone: 083 4578802
Area: Upper Highway and Durban area

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Science is proving that stress, tension and trauma can have serious consequences for our bodies, manifesting in cancer, chronic heart and lung disease, depression etc. TRE is a wonderful way of allowing our bodies to do the healing work, enabling us to release deep-seated stress and trauma without having to talk about it.
Combining my 20 years of teaching experience with TRE, I specialise in working with children experiencing  ADD and other anxiety related fears that may hinder academic progress.
I also work with individuals who have experienced emotional or sexual abuse, as well as assisting in the release of stress experienced through divorce.
Sessions can be done individually or in groups.

Kelly Berry TRE Provider KELLY BERRY – TRE® Provider
Counselling Psychologist and Teacher
(BA, BAHons, PGCE, MSocSci)
Phone No: 079 889 5564
Area: Durban North,Umhlanga, La Lucia

Helga-Lapke TRE ProviderHelga Lapke – TRE® Provider
Phone: 031 2096720 and 083 2690851
Area: Durban, Berea


TRE® Provider

Massage Therapist, Reflexologist
Reiki and Bio-energy Practitioner
Phone: 082 4543181
Area: Kloof, Gillitts, Hillcrest – Highway Area
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Lorraine ReleenLORRAINE RELEEN – TRE® Provider
NIA Technique – Movement for Body and Soul
Therapeutic Fascia Massage
Phone: 031 7671690 & 072 8128346
Area: Outer West, Hillcrest, Kloof, Gillitts

Access Bars Facilitator, Intuitive Massage Therapist,
TYLEM Energy Medicine Practitioner
(BCOM, RYA 200hr Instructor, Healing Hands International Holistic Massage, TYLEM Energy Medicine)
Phone: 0827257579
Area: Durban

Phone No: 031 7634091 and 072 4518207
Area: Outer West, Waterfall, Forest Hills