For your safety and comfort you should only receive TRE ® guidance from certified individuals. Please do not receive TRE®  guidance from anyone who is not certified and listed on this website or on Although the exercises evoke tremors easily, the ability to understand and safely guide a person through a successful completion of a session is more complex. The goal of providing you with certified TRE® Providers is to ensure you have a safe, pleasant and positive experience.

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Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape

My story – I am a survivor of the stresses of civil war, and childhood emotional and sexual abuses. I have lived with PTSD – anxiety and depression – for decades, and have sought help from many quarters, with limited success. In 2016 TRE® found me, and it was a life saver. The positive impact was so valuable that I shortly thereafter started the journey to become a TRE® certified Provider. 

TRE® helped me to cope with my father’s long-drawn-out illness and death with ease and inner strength. It continues to help me to cope with my twin sister’s ongoing battle with brain cancer. TRE® has measurably helped various members of our family and friends, and continues to be my tool of choice to maintain good health. 

I am a caring and empathetic person who loves to help others in a meaningful way – TRE® is an amazing self help modality which enables you to release the stress and trauma in your life without having to talk about it. TRE® enables people to safely release built-up and long-held stress – this opens up new possibilities for healthy living, and taking responsibility for your well-being. I strongly believe in the body’s ability to heal itself and thus the wonder of TRE®. 

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