For your safety and comfort you should only receive TRE ® guidance from certified individuals. Please do not receive TRE®  guidance from anyone who is not certified and listed on this website or on Although the exercises evoke tremors easily, the ability to understand and safely guide a person through a successful completion of a session is more complex. The goal of providing you with certified TRE® Providers is to ensure you have a safe, pleasant and positive experience.


TRE® Certification Trainer

Life Coach (COMENSA), Therapeutic Fascia Massage
Phone No: 082 787 2229
Winston Park/ Hillcrest

Info about Su Thomas’s Training on her website

TRE® has made a huge difference in my life. I am doing what I do because I love the work. I trained with Dr David Berceli in 2011/12 and am a Certification Trainer since 2016.

I have found TRE® to be a truly empowering practice, enabling people to do something for themselves, relying on their own experience and making TRE® their own. The motivation springs up from the changes they see in themselves and, by living them, in their relationships and choices. It is not just another method that affects one or more aspects of physical and mental health but can lead to a true integration of the past into the present life.

I come from a self employed business background in the Music Industry where I worked in Marketing, Graphic Design and Public Relations. I am also an artist, dreamer and writer of short stories and poetry. TRE has greatly helped me to defragment my life and given me focus and confidence.

My TRE® Provider training is experiential and takes the participant on a self-development journey. It is highly recommended for everyone who works in a therapeutic context.
Safety and connection, emotional self-regulation and understanding of protective and defensive responses in both, oneself and others are of great importance in every helping profession. As you gain in presence and confidence, so will your understanding empower others.

I train in Durban and ONLINE – in collaboration with my friend and fellow TRE® Trainer Anya Blom in Israel. The first Workshop (called Module 1) is open for everyone to attend to learn TRE® for themselves.

My experience with ONLINE TRAINING is very promising, we are reaching people at their homes, no matter where they live and I am glad that TRE is also making a difference in areas where people have no means to train with someone in person.

I have extensive experience in teaching TRE in African communities (NGO work) and have traveled to Namibia and Zimbabwe. I also offer Agency based training for Workplaces and Organisations and am always open to explore possibilities.

TRE® Certification Trainer (trainee)
Phone: +27 84 015 0166
Durban Glenwood, Berea, Morningside

TRE® has expanded my perception and my ability to do my work and to live my life more fully.

I am passionate about this work because the gifts of all people, in the unique expression of who they are, are absolutely essential to create the changes we need to see in the world – and not everyone is aware of the precious gifts they are endowed with.

Some feel stuck, some just want to move forward but aren’t sure where or how and just need some support and encouragement, a talking partner, a cheer leader, a new perspective, reframing to see themselves and to see the next step to their own destiny and greatness. For some, stress and trauma experienced in childhood, adolescence or adulthood, can lead to illness, depression or simply to getting stuck and not finding the way out of a difficult life situation.

TRE® provides a way forward as our bodies shake off and release deep seated – or more recent – stress and trauma. When TRE® is combined with the presence of a present, compassionate and supportive provider, the experience is multiplied!

Leadership for life coaching and TRE contribute to a person’s living a life of personal integrity and to a world where we live together in mutual acceptance of our differences. 

I work in English, Portuguese, Spanish and Norwegian, face-to-face or online, individually or in small groups. 


Advanced TRE® Provider

Trauma Counsellor
Phone: 082 443 1929
Kloof, Hillcrest, Gillitts 

Whilst having studied Counselling Psychology and a number of other complementary post graduate studies, my passion lies with both Trauma and Tension and the undeniable connection between them.


Associate in Logotherapy
Therapeutic Reflexologist (Allied Health Professions Council)
Shiatsu Therapist
Access Bars Practitioner
Phone: 072 4229889
Mtunzini, Dolphin Coast 

My career in wellness started in 2002 as a Therapeutic Reflexologist and a Shiatsu Therapist. I also completed an International Diploma in Clinical Nutrition. During 2010 I was diagnosed with an illness that changed my perspective on life as well as challenged my approach to healing.

In order to find meaning in my illness I explored various therapies, and realised that there was no recipe or quick fix to get through life’s challenges. The answer lies within one’s own choices and sense of responsibility for your life.

TRE® and Logotherapy found their way into my life simultaneously. TRE® activated my body’s natural ability to release stuck patterns and fears from many traumas throughout my life. I became more available to my life, and I am now able to meet life’s challenges with greater ease. I work with individuals and groups of any age.

Logotherapy is a meaning-centered psychotherapy. For more information visit the website or read Dr Viktor Frankl’s famous book “Man’s Search for Meaning”. Through my Logotherapy studies at UNISA I have designed a workshop called: “An Inspiration to find meaning in your life, through the integration of TRE® and Logotherapy”

Advanced TRE® Provider
Phone: 083 5777721
Rosetta/Nottingham Road area, KZN Midlands

I am dedicated in my body-work practice to creating optimal possibility for the balancing of the nervous system as a fundamental pre-requisite to the wellbeing of all other systems and the whole organism. I see this as the foundation upon which health and growth (in all senses) is built and out of which sustainable and authentic self-manifestation in life can blossom.
Although my practical approach varies, I apply this view equally in my work with children and adults of all ages.

I offer private sessions and TRE group-work facilitation

Trauma Release Exercise Facilitator (TRE);
Craniosacral Therapy ( Upledger Inst, and SAICS Diploma);
Visceral Manipulation ( Int. Alliance of Healthcare Educators and Barral Inst);
Somato-Emotional Release ( Upledger Inst);
Psychophonetics Inner Life Facilitation (Persephone College SA);
International Medical Training in Anthroposophical Medicine and Health Care
(Medical Background: SA National Diploma in Diagnostic Radiography)

Advanced TRE® Provider

BSc (Hons) HED, QEC Practitioner
Phone: 082 2105273 (mobile & sms)
E-mail: Facebook:
Ballito/ Salt Rock, KZN

My passion for people and teaching stems from many years as an educator. After being introduced to TRE®, and through my own personal journey, I realised what a powerful, life changing tool it can be. The desire to share this knowledge motivated further study to qualify as an Advanced TRE® Provider and I continue to interact and share new knowledge about TRE with colleagues both locally and internationally.

In the spirit of ‘giving back’ to the community, I have worked on community-based projects in Somerset West (including Rape Crisis, Patch, Hospice, Child Welfare, Compassionate Friends). The focus was to assist ‘front-liners’ who are confronted daily with people in crisis and who, because of the stressful nature of this work, are often impacted by their own vicarious trauma

TRE® sessions are offered either face-face or online to individuals, couples and groups. During one-on-one TRE® sessions the pace is adapted to the needs the individual and I feel privileged to be part of each client’s healing journey.

Another option which some people prefer is to join a 6-week Introductory TRE® course, which I periodically offer for small groups of 3-5 people. This course builds confidence and an understanding of the basic concepts as well as emphasising self-regulation so that clients can successfully incorporate and use TRE® to cope with the stressful demands of their day-to-day life.

Over the years that I have taught and facilitated TRE®, I have been constantly amazed and excited by the incredible shifts and changes that my clients have experienced, usually within a short period of time. As witness to similar positive changes in many clients, I remain motivated to continue sharing this hugely empowering technique.

ROBIN VANDERPLANK – Advanced TRE® Provider and Mentor
Clinical Psychologist
KZN Representative for ADHASA
Individual and Family Therapy
Encounter group work
Trauma Counselling
Phone: 082 4991344

Robin Vanderplank is a Clinical Psychologist who offers individual and Family Therapy and is an experienced expert in Trauma Counselling. As the KwaZulu Natal Representative for ADHASA (Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Support Group of Southern Africa) he offers advice and therapy for adults and children diagnosed with ADD/ADHD.

Robin Vanderplank integrates TRE with his work whenever possible and wished for. In 2010 he was one of the first Professionals in mental health in KwaZulu Natal who embraced TRE and his personal journey is a profound one. He works with children of all ages with great success.
He has led the first TRE® Project in a rural setting, training TRE® community facilitators within the Woza Moya NGO near Ixopo, KZN and was instrumental in taking TRE® to teachers and children at several underprivileged schools around Durban. Having turned 80 years in 2020 he is an outstanding source of wisdom, sharing his patience and presence with clients from his rooms in Gillitts and online.

Robin is TRE® Mentor for the TRE® Provider Training in Kwazulu Natal. He also provides supervision for certified TRE® Providers who would like to apply for the Advanced TRE® Provider status.

TRE® Providers

Fascia Release Facilitator
Phone: 083 4578802
Hillcrest, Kloof, Highway Area  

Science is proving that stress, tension and trauma can have serious consequences for our bodies, manifesting in cancer, chronic heart and lung disease, depression etc. TRE® is a wonderful way of allowing our bodies to do the healing work, enabling us to release deep-seated stress and trauma without having to talk about it.
Combining my 20 years of teaching experience with TRE®, I specialise in working with children experiencing  ADD and other anxiety related fears that may hinder academic progress.
I also work with individuals who have experienced emotional or sexual abuse, as well as assisting in the release of stress experienced through divorce.
Sessions can be done individually or in groups.

Phone: 072 495 1442

Registered Counsellor
Level 1 BWRT practitioner
Phone: 079 024 6001

I have been practicing actively since 2010 in the field of trauma counselling. As anyone will tell you, the term is subjectively defined, which means that I see a lot of different types of people who have had a wide range of experiences. Over the years, it became necessary to update skills and add therapeutic tools in order to better serve my clients. In this process, I came across TRE and found myself stopped in my tracks. Here was a modality that my clients could take home with them, something they could use when they wanted, without waiting for an appointment with me. On top of this, it was very effective, something I noted from my very first tremor! I’ve used it personally, on myself and with my own children and can speak to it’s efficacy. Since using it in practice with clients, the depth of the therapeutic relationship has increased significantly.

As mentioned previously, as a Registered Counsellor, its important to be flexible and have a variety of methods at hand for different clients. I certified as a TRE® Provider and what an amazing experience it was.

A long journey saw me gently guided all the way to the finish line. The training is comprehensive, from the fascinating theory to the supervised practicals and journal oversight, I never felt alone.

An incredible journey and many new friends from all over the world, it’s been truly wonderful. I’ve learned to connect with clients on a completely different level, with a powerful new tool in my toolbox. I’m proud and honoured to be a part of this world and recommend training with Su & Anya to anyone!

Counselling Psychologist and Teacher
(BA, BAHons, PGCE, MSocSci)
Phone No: 079 889 5564
Durban North,Umhlanga, La Lucia

Aqua Therapist, Muscle Activation, Fascia Therapist
Phone No: 033 344 1750 & 082 679 0241

I am an Aqua-Therapist, rehabilitating people in a heated pool in a multi disciplinary practice. Water is a wonderful medium for people requiring orthopedic rehab, whether pre, post operative or a maintenance programme. I assist people to regain their mobility and independence whilst recovering from an accident, stroke or working with special populations; Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s etc.

Whilst working with the different groups, I feel that stress and or trauma experienced in the past may often hinder the rehab process. To assist the person to unlock their stress/trauma, TRE® is a wonderful modality, empowering people to individually continue with this learnt skill and is a very rewarding transformation process to witness.

Fascia Therapy and TRE® work well together. Often through trauma/ anxiety/ stress, the fascia in the body becomes tight and causes a great imbalance. By working on the body to release the fascia, balance and ability is restored. The release of fascia also assists with the TRE session.

Massage Therapist
Fascia Release Therapy for Humans and Equines
Phone No: 082 3086609
Greytown – Pietermaritzburg – Durban

Information on Liza Kimble’s training courses on FASCIA & TRAUMA RELEASE (humans (FTR) and horses (EFTR) ):

Liza Kimble has been a massage therapist for over 20 years  and on the journey to discovering ever new and amazing techniques to help both human and equine clients. She trained in TRE® with Dr David Berceli in 2011/12 and has introduced many massage therapists and bodyworkers to TRE® while introducing TRE® Providers to Facia Release Therapy.

Being a part of the Fascia Summer Schools in Germany  in 2014 and 2016 as well as The International Fascia Congress in Washington DC in 2015 allowed her to deeply understand and convey the science behind the techniques she teaches.

Liza Kimble has developed a unique and gentle method of Fascia Release for both humans and horses. She has worked with a wide range of people (and for/on horses) over the years, taking her courses to Germany, Sweden, Austria and Switzerland. She also contributed a chapter on Fascia and TRE® to David Berceli’s book ‘Shake it OFF’ .

Liza applies and uses Equine Laser Acupuncture, Reflexology and Meridian Therapy, Sports and Swedish Massage techniques, Trigger Point therapy, Muscle Activation, Lynotherapy and Trauma Release Exercises.

Phone: 031 2096720 and 083 2690851
Durban, Berea

Homeopathic Practitioner M.Tech(Hom)
Phone: 073 374 0513
68 Link Rd, Waterfall and 45 Augustine Rd, Queensburgh 

I’m a registered homeopath practicing in Waterfall and Queensburgh, with a passion for classical homeopathy and somatic-based approaches to mental and physical well-being.

TRE® Provider

Massage Therapist, Reflexologist
Reiki and Bio-energy Practitioner
Phone: 082 4543181
Kloof, Gillitts, Hillcrest – Highway Area

Phone 084 765 62 43
Pietermaritzburg KZN

Lesley’s life is a wonderful journey of discovery, in 2006 she attended her first Body Talk course and her life changed, she had found her passion. Since then she never stopped learning and growing and now offers:
Reconnection Healing and ‘The Reconnection’
Bowen Therapy
Body Talk
TRE Individual and Group sessions
She says: “We are all on our own unique journey and through these modalities I can assist you on your path.”

Phone: 84 2743528
44 Main Road Howick, KZN Midlands 

I’m just me… and that may not sound like much, but it took a lot for me to finally be content and happy with me. TRE® has been a big part of that process !

Dominance Profiling, Brain Training and Brain Balancing
Phone: 084 5485277
Durban, Westville,Outer West Area

I have always loved working with people and when I was introduced to TRE in February 2010, I felt that I had finally ‘come home’; and I have never looked back! The learning continues and each client or group I facilitate provides new insights for me, as I observe them change their stories through TRE.  As TRE Providers, we are there to witness and support people to connect with their own innate ability to heal and be healthy. TRE is a body centred method, which we can use as a pressure-release valve, which enables one to release deep rooted chronic tension, as well as facilitate recovery from traumatic events. As a qualified Nutritional Consultant, I incorporate nutrition into my TRE work with clients. I believe that healing starts with the body and through TRE and Nutrition, empowers people to make better choices to heal themselves in a more holistic way.

I run regular TRE group workshops in Westville , please check my Facebook page for updates. I also see clients individually.

Another passion of mine is working with children to overcome learning difficulties using Dominance Profiling and Brain Balancing/Training. What I notice in many children who are struggling at school is that there is often a history of trauma. This brought me to work with children using TRE.

DEBORAH RAW –  TRE® Provider
Specialised Kinesiologist
Phone: 033 3302716
Howick, Midlands

TRE® Provider
Psychology Honours Degree
Industrial Psychology
Wellness Counselor
Chairperson uMhlatuze
Local Drug Action Committee
Phone: 0847794775 and 0718376570
Empangeni, Richards Bay

Born and raised in Zululand, Doreen has first-hand knowledge of the effects of trauma on communities. This knowledge is what sparked her interest in TRE®, as she is aware of the benefits of this therapy on individuals. Doreen began her TRE® training when she was experiencing severe headaches, back pains and sleeping problems. After attending a six week course and seeing how it had helped her, she decided to pursue this amazing therapy so she would be able to combine her TRE® skills with her existing knowledge to enable her to better help others.

As an employee wellness counsellor her duties include identifying training needs of the employees working within the different departments at uMhlatuze Municipality. Working in a multicultural context has enabled Doreen to garner an understanding of individuals and their unique problems. As part of the employee health and wellness programmes, she runs sessions for the employees. She has incorporated her TRE® in her work for individuals who are exposed to vicarious trauma in their daily working environment.

An affiliate of ICAS, Doreen provides her clients with the time and attention required to effectively address their emotional and health concerns by using various techniques. She strives to keep up to date with pathologies and treatment methods through self-research. It has always been a passion of hers to interact with people and help them to the best of her abilities vocationally, emotionally and educationally.

Phone No: 083 7186501
Port Shepstone, Margate

My interest in the tremor response began years ago when it was brought to my attention via the study of Bodytalk self healing systems. At the time it was implied that this trigger mechanism was only active in the animal kingdom . But a lot of research has developed since and we now know that via TRE®, humans can re connect to the primal self regulating capacity of neurogenic tremoring.

Apart from TRE®’s efficiency in improving both physical and mental health, I am drawn to the life skill aspect. I love that once learned, TRE® becomes a self determining tool of health and wellbeing for the rest of one’s life.

TRE® is comprehensive in dealing with the consequences of traumatic experience, but my special interest is in the quick recovery of physical injuries and the priming effect of the immune system. I teach Karate (6th Dan) and it has served my students well in that they are able to benefit more from training consistency and over night workout recovery.

LI THOMAS – TRE® Provider
Fascia Release Therapy
Phone Number: 0712012707
Westville. Durban

I’m passionate about healing and self improvement, which I’ve found to be a lot simpler than the commercial world makes us believe.

My experience with TRE®️ has shown me immense healing of deep traumatic wounds but also management and release of incredibly minor stressors in my day to day life. Not only has it helped to open me up to fun, but also to face the melancholy I had been running from, with confidence.

I use TRE®️ often, on nights where I can’t sleep, days when I need to concentrate, occasions where adrenaline of my sports is still lingering, or simply to release the tension of a social engagement I’ve just attended or am about to attend. We ALL have trauma, stress, anxieties and a need for expression and integration.

I am practicing Fascia Release Therapy and perusing a chance to study Osteopathy. Whether it be a place of your choosing or in my office space, I am excited to teach TRE®️, feel free to contact me!

Integrative Doctor, Public Heath Practitioner
Phone: 066 287 8140
Durban Westville, Bluff

As an Integrative Doctor and Public Health practitioner, I am  passionate about finding affordable, accessible and truly useful healing tools which really work. I have struggled with drug based medicine for 2 decades – seeking non-chemical solutions for both my own anxiety as well the stress and trauma based chronic diseases that I see all around me.

TRE® opened my eyes to the gentle healing power that has been physiologically woven into our own bodies. It is a practice that not only works at root cause level, but it is something which anyone can learn and safely implement for themselves. Personally TRE® has helped me to feel present and grounded, enabling me to better manage my day-to-day stress, reduce my underlying anxiety and completely eradicate my sleep issues

TRE® is a lifelong skill which I have seen transform outcomes in stressed communities, business environments, marriages and families.

I integrate TRE® as a core component of the management of burnout and chronic stress, trauma based issues, PTSD, anxiety, depression, and chronic disease.

I also offer educational workshops and TRE® sessions for Corporate and Executive Burnout management, School/ scholars stress reduction programmes as well as for medical management of mental health and chronic diseases.

LISA WIMBLE – TRE® Provider 
Life Coach
Phone: 063 9491605
Hilton, Howick, Pietermaritzburg 

As a life coach who focuses on supporting people who are recovering from abuse and toxic relationships, TRE® is a solution to assist and help many, if not all, in some way.  As an abuse survivor, I realised from an early stage, that there had to be more to the healing process than just talk therapy. TRE® releases muscle tension patterns and subconsciously held emotions resulting from traumatic experiences and I have embraced TRE® for both myself and my clients.

Discovering TRE® was a WOW moment for me. Our bodies are such miraculous creations that with the right knowledge and tools, we can heal naturally in our own unique way.

My personal healing journey has been profound and my passion is to support others. I wish to help transform their lives by dealing with the root causes of anxiety, depression and sleep disorders, in order for them to feel more grounded and empowered.  TRE® is also a very cost effective way that individuals, groups and communities can use to reduce their everyday stress levels and improve their social interaction.

I believe that TRE® is a gift, that all those who experience chronic stress should have the opportunity to share in.