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External conflict comes to an end with the dawn of internal peace. (David Berceli, PhD)

Free State & North West Province

For your safety and comfort you should only receive TRE ® guidance from certified individuals. Please do not receive TRE®  guidance from anyone who is not certified and listed on this website or on Although the exercises evoke tremors easily, the ability to understand and safely guide a person through a successful completion of a session is more complex. The goal of providing you with certified TRE® Providers is to ensure you have a safe, pleasant and positive experience.

A TRE® Certification Trainer is qualified to teach, supervise and certify people to be TRE® Providers. A certified TRE® Provider is qualified to take both individuals and groups through the TRE Process.  A certified TRE® (Level I) Practitioner is qualified to take individuals one-on-one through the TRE® Process.


Associate in Logotherapy
Therapeutic Reflexologist (Registered with the Allied Health Professions Council of SA)
Shiatsu Therapist
Access Bars Practitioner
Phone: 072 4229889
Area: Hartbeespoort

My career in wellness started in 2002 as a Therapeutic Reflexologist and a Shiatsu Therapist. I also completed an International Diploma in Clinical Nutrition. During 2010 I was diagnosed with an illness that changed my perspective on life as well as challenged my approach to healing.

In order to find meaning in my illness I explored various therapies, and realised that there was no recipe or quick fix to get through life’s challenges. The answer lies within one’s own choices and sense of responsibility for your life.

TRE® and Logotherapy found their way into my life simultaneously. TRE
® activated my body’s natural ability to release stuck patterns and fears from many traumas throughout my life. I became more available to my life, and I am now able to meet life’s challenges with greater ease. I work with individuals and groups of any age.

Logotherapy is a meaning-centered psychotherapy. For more information visit the website or read Dr Viktor Frankl’s famous book “Man’s Search for Meaning”. Through my Logotherapy studies at UNISA I have designed a workshop called: “An Inspiration to find meaning in your life, through the integration of TRE® and Logotherapy”

TRE® Providers – FREE STATE

Phone No: 83 938 0449
Area: Bloemfontein

I am an Integrative Trauma Healing Provider based in Bloemfontein. Since completing a bachelors degree in education (NWU) in 2008 I’ve been interested in the human condition, especially restorative modalities that have at their core the belief in the human capacity to self-heal and thrive. I offer a safe space for connecting to your true self on a one-on-one as well as group basis.

TRE® Provider
Counselor, Focusing on Loss and Bereavement,
Life Changes
Phone:  076 9129490
Area: Bloemfontain

I am a qualified  Counselor supporting  people through difficult times in their lives. I mainly work with  loss  and  grief  –  but  seeing  grief  as  a  resource  for  personal transformation.  Loss, which could be significant or subtle, is a common experience that every person encounters during his or her lifetime.  We all experience it – and therefore we can learn to accept and integrate that in our life in a constructive way.

TRE is a lovely way I use to assist the body to let go of stress and trauma and re-establish a person’s equilibrium and return them to an emotionally healthy place. I also work as part of a team of complementary therapists in the Red Cross Hospital with children and their families.