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External conflict comes to an end with the dawn of internal peace. (David Berceli, PhD)

Gauteng TRE® Trainers and Providers

For your safety and comfort you should only receive TRE ® guidance from certified individuals. Please do not receive TRE®  guidance from anyone who is not certified and listed on this website or on Although the exercises evoke tremors easily, the ability to understand and safely guide a person through a successful completion of a session is more complex. The goal of providing you with certified TRE® Providers is to ensure you have a safe, pleasant and positive experience.

A TRE® Certification Trainer is qualified to teach, supervise and certify people to be TRE® Providers. A certified TRE® Provider is qualified to take both individuals and groups through the TRE Process.  A certified TRE® (Level I) Practitioner is qualified to take individuals one-on-one through the TRE® Process.

TRE® Certification Trainer (s) in Gauteng 

BARBARA KÜPPERS – TRE® Advanced Provider and Certification Trainer
Experienced Facilitator of “The Work of Byron Katie”
Phone: +27 11 802 5893
Cell: +27 83 324 6582
Skype: barbara.kuppers
Address:19 Parkville Road, Buccleuch, Sandton

For information on Barbara’s TRE® Provider Training, please click here 

At 42, after a 2nd failed marriage, I decided that I needed to get to know myself and explore my mood swings, my high levels of anxiety and fear and my inability to control my emotions. I started therapy and, after a few years, I started to learn various therapy practices to try and help myself and others who felt as overwhelmed with life as I did. By 2009 I had many therapy certificates and then TRE® found me. It was then that I learned how my body was bearing the burden of my traumatized past.

Having the honor and pleasure of attending all of Dr David Berceli’s trainings in South Africa, I am now a very privileged TRE® trainer and advanced provider. This amazing body-based process has totally transformed my life and my passion now is to work with anyone who is “sick and tired of being sick and tired” of their own behaviors, overwhelming emotions and issues and for anyone who feels numb and disconnected.

Do you want to live in a healthy, happier and more fulfilled way? Come for some sessions so I can teach you how to do this for yourself and for your own well-being or come and train and be of service to others after a mere eight months of training.

I am also an experienced facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie where together we would work with stressful thinking.

For private or group sessions, please call me on 083 324 6582 or 011 802 5893 or email

TRE® Certification Trainer and Provider

Cranio Sacral Therapist (Upledger Institute USA)
Registered with Allied Health Council of SA
Phone: +27 (0)83 627 7743
Skype: haley.ritzlmayr
Address: 76 Longacres Street, Kyalami Estates, Gauteng

For information on Hayley’s TRE® Certification Training in 2018 please click here 

I have always instinctively believed that the body is capable of facilitating its own healing and like many people who have tried TRE® and incorporated it into their lives, I realised very quickly that this was indeed a possibility.

After incurring a back injury 24 years ago, I started a journey of self-awareness and physical healing, finding that the two are linked. I attended the first TRE® training in South Africa in 2010 with Dr David Berceli and within 8 sessions my back pain was gone. Living without pain and fear has been a life changing experience for me.

I am also a Cranio-Sacral Therapist and work with facilitating the body to release its OWN tension. TRE® is the ultimate form of this kind of release and the two work effectively together. TRE® is truly a process of not only Release but Recovery from past experiences that change who you were meant to be.

If you thought there was no chance of improving your life or physical condition, you may just be wrong. TRE® is about resolving past tension and trauma, providing you with an essential tension discharge tool – just for you.
I specialise in physical pain, working with children and ADD related anxiety and fear.


Drickus Blom smallDrickus Blom
Advanced TRE® Provider and Mentor

Craniosacral Therapist
Phone: 072 386 9226
Garsfontein, Pretoria
Bedfordview, Johannesburg

I am a body worker passionate about using the body to heal holistically from the inside out. I came to TRE® through my own healing journey and I wish to share this work with everyone. I am trained in various modalities, but my main focus in helping people with symptoms that are results of stress, trauma and feelings of overwhelm. My desire is to help and educate people about the amazing healing abilities of their bodies. Deep healing can happen when you empower yourself consciously.
I see individuals and facilitate group sessions to empower people to use their body’s natural healing power to live a more fulfilling life.

I am offering Advanced TRE® Deepening Groups in Primrose. 4-8 People
For more information, please call or send a mail. Thank you !

Dr Johan Cloete (Ph.D)

Psychology Practitioner (Category: Registered Counsellor); Pastoral Therapist, PRC 0012726, Practice no. 0414298
Phone: 071 8959843
Suite 105A, Mulbarton Medical Centre, True North Road, Mulbarton, 2190 & Suite 7, Midvaal Private Hospital, Nile Drive Three Rivers, 1929

Since I am practising TRE for the last four years, I was able to start living the life I wished to live for many years. TRE has become the first save step for me to take in my work with clients. Every week I see miracles happening in people’s lives as a result of TRE. I am also as registered psychology practitioner to assist clients to take further steps after they have mastered the technique of practicing TRE. My fees are covered by most medical aids.

(MPharm) Scio-Biofeedback Specialist
Executive Director: Sportron International
Phone : 082 576 0136
Pretoria, all areas

Although I am a pharmacist by profession, I have always believed in the spontaneous healing ability of our bodies. After the birth of my twins, I explored the field of complementary medicine, starting a wellness practise in partnership with Sportron International (suppliers of the patented licensed Foodstate™ vitamin and mineral supplements).I qualified as a Biofeedback Specialist using the SCIO Quantum Energy device in rebalancing people’s body stressors and coaching them on how to listen to their body’s needs.

The need to find a way to deal with chronic stress and trauma led me to the incredible concept of TRE®. I use TRE® in my practise as a tool to empower people not only to release every day stress but also to facilitate a better self-awareness and zest for life!

Helen Field01HELEN FIELD

Craniosacral Therapy, Visceral Manipulation, Somato Emotional Release, Biography and Destiny Learning, Psychophonetics Facilitation, Conversational Counselling
Phone: 083 5777721
Areas: Johannesburg North, Bryanston, Fourways

I am dedicated in my body-work practice to creating optimal possibility for the balancing of the nervous system as a fundamental pre-requisite to the wellbeing of all other systems and the whole organism. I see this as the foundation upon which health and growth (in all senses) is built and out of which sustainable and authentic self-manifestation in life can blossom.
Although my practical approach varies, I apply this view equally in my work with children and adults of all ages.
I offer private sessions and TRE group-work facilitation

Trauma Release Exercise Facilitator (TRE – TRE Gauteng);
Craniosacral Therapy (CST 1&2 – Upledger Inst, and SAICS Diploma);
Visceral Manipulation (VM 1&2 – Int. Alliance of Healthcare Educators and Barral Inst);
Somato-Emotional Release (SER 1 – Upledger Inst);
Psychophonetics Inner Life Facilitation (Persephone College SA);
International Medical Training in Anthroposophical Medicine and Health Care (1, 2, 3 and 4);
(Medical Background: SA National Diploma in Diagnostic Radiography)
Advanced TRE® Provider

Wellness Consultant
Phone: 083 309 4897
Area: Pretoria (Moot Area) – Villieria

Emotional stresses emanating from daily life, experiences of trauma, loss and hurt find its way (and are embedded) into the human body. I discovered in 2011 that we were born with the potential (ability) to release stress and trauma in a natural way and that this reality is within each person’s grasp. TRE® was the key to my personal quest for releasing imbedded traumas physically.

Once I mastered the technique and my body experienced it, I literally needed to tremor. It has become part of my daily life, I know my personal experience can benefit others.

I have been in the IT profession all my life, a world where logic reigns.  With TRE® I now live a world where logic mostly plays no part, where each individual can follow his/her unique, unpredictable path to healing. I am also a wellness consultant. 

Advanced TRE® Provider and Mentor

Specialised Kinesiology
Cranio Sacral Therapy
Phone: 082 486 9195
Area: Bryanston, Johannesburg

Many of my clients are amazed at how quickly and easily they respond to TRE, with great results and a few belly laughs amongst the tears and more serious stuff along the way.

There are times when we need to get out of our heads and allow our bodies to do the healing work. I have found TRE to be an invaluable tool for doing that – it helps us to release the baggage and trauma that we hang onto, that we sometimes don’t even know is there, and often don’t know how to get rid of.

I enjoy creating a safe space where people can discover and respond to TRE, using it to offload, repair, gain insight, come unstuck, and ultimately move towards having a more free and fulfilling life.


Access The Bars Practitioner
QEC Practitioner
Phone: 083 602 5112
Area: Bryanston, Northern Suburbs Johannesburg

Having recently completed the Advanced Training for TRE I reflected back to when I first came into contact with TRE in 2013. I have not forgotten the amazement after my first session when I realised just how much of an anxious/stressed person I was! At that stage I was very dependent on physiotherapists, chiropractors and my doctor to keep me in good health. People just said I’m like my mother, highly strung and so I accepted that as the norm! And now I know different – it is so empowering to have tools that maintain my good health and isn’t it fantastic that this is available to us all!
Married with 2 wonderful children, I can happily say that my life really does just get better and better. I no longer rely on doctors to make me feel well, I am healthier than ever before – in fact I can honestly say that I feel 20 years younger! I now understand that the negative experiences that remained unresolved in my body all these years added to my levels of anxiety and stress which resulted in not only an unhealthy body but a life that although had happy moments, was definitely one of more struggle than of ease and joy.
In fact, the benefits to my life and my family’s life have been so profound that I felt compelled to share this knowledge with others. I so enjoy this journey with each of my clients – we all deserve to feel good, have positive attitudes about ourselves and what life has to offer and most of all feel empowered to create the life we desire!
As part of my practice as it complements TRE, I also use The Bars (32 bars of energy that run through and around your head storing the electromagnetic component of all the thoughts, ideas, attitudes, decisions and beliefs that you have ever had about anything) – a session is like deleting old files or a virus off your computer! So if you are a worrier – constantly scare yourself with endless negative thoughts then this is for you.
I plan to live a long, happy, healthy and fulfilling life how amazing to have these tools to help me achieve this goal – are you?

Phone: 082 5943803
Area: Johannesburg, Gauteng, all areas

I am a Healer – a mother of 4 and grandmother of 9. I have suffered physical and emotional trauma from the age of 6. I practice many forms of healing modalities and TRE® has allowed me to introspect deeply in becoming the healthy person that I am, dis-ease free. I enjoy TRE® as a non cognitive therapy and I believe in the body’s ability to self-heal .
Business Admin – 40 years, Energy healing through intuition – over 30 years,
Realtor – 25 years, Reiki – 16 years, Crystal healing – 15 years, TRE Provider certified  5 years, Touch for TRE Fascia Release Technique 3 years
Advanced TRE® Provider and Mentor
Massage Therapies
Dorn Method & Breuss Massage
Family & System Constellations
Phone: 072 460 2554
skype: evelyne.m.s
Faerie Glen, Pretoria, Gauteng

DEBRA SMUTS – Advanced TRE® Provider
Garsfontein, Pretoria

I am an occupational therapist, specializing in acute adult psychiatry and a partner in a private practice situated at Denmar Specialist Psychiatric Hospital in Pretoria. TRE® sessions form part of our voluntary occupational group therapy programme. My passion is experiential group therapy, including psychodrama (I love being the giraffe…)TRE® is the safest point of entry into a therapeutic programme for our mostly overwhelmed, anxious clients. TRE® sets the tone for a safe environment to start the healing journey, it supports experiences in other group sessions and with other professionals and it also provides the best opportunity to celebrate the growth experienced on returning to society.

Phone: 082 781 9421
Area: Silver Lakes, Pretoria, Gauteng

From civil engineering I stumbled into motherhood and through this process became aware of the body’s intelligence. My love for maths had shifted towards an interest in the well-being of people. From 11 years as a La Leche League counselor for breastfeeding mothers I realized the importance of empowering people with both knowledge and support.
I am intensely curious and love to continuously investigate, try to understand how things work, learn new information and acquire new skills. This enables me to incorporate aspects from different disciplines to facilitate the most beneficial combination for a client. I was introduced to TRE® in 2011 and started an amazing journey of emotional and physical healing.
I have recently completed my honors degree in psychology at the University of Pretoria and am in the process of doing a TRE® research project for a master’s degree.
TRE® can become your favourite self-help modality for stress management and resilience.


Executive / Life Coach (Diploma – Cum laude)
B.Soc.Sci. (University of Cape Town)
Phone: 084 909 6308
Northern Jhb, Rivonia, Sandton, Paulshof, Sunninghill

I am an Executive and Life Coach, based in Rivonia. I believe that resilience is not about pushing harder, it is about knowing when you need to stop and recharge. Hence, my approach embraces the connection between the mind and the body. I offer clients a calm, supportive space away from the urgency and demands of life, to help people come unstuck and live fulfilled happy lives with less stress.

TRE® is a natural way to let go of and purge the excess energy from stressful experiences. I use this practice to help people get back in touch with their natural instinct to overcome past trauma, or current tension and stress.

I have found that combining TRE® with coaching work to be very effective. It is an empowering technique that enables you to deal with the physical effects of stress and trauma without digging up the emotional connections. I will teach and guide you, so that you can continue the process on your own as a way of regulating your emotions. Once you start doing TRE, a range of possibilities will become visible to you once again.

I have experienced the benefits of this practise in my own life, with my clients and family members. It has helped me to get through a difficult transition period in my life with ease and inner strength. I work with individuals, groups and offer corporate wellness programs.

If you are feeling stuck, overwhelmed, uninspired or you have high levels of anxiety, depression, fear, sleep difficulties or you have experienced trauma, contact me for a brief consultation. I also work with teens who are overwhelmed by exam stress. I would love to assist you to find greater innovation, resilience and grounding.

Phone: 083 722 7246
Area: Bryanston, Johannesburg

I am a certified TRE® Provider working with individuals and small groups. I have also facilitated sessions with children, the young and the old, who have sports injuries, back injuries and general wear and tear on the body. Or those who find that the stress of life is just too much to bear. TRE® is tool for life and once you learn the technique you can do it by yourself in the comfort of your own home. I look forward to meeting you and teaching you this essential tool for life! 

CoutsidesPicLINDA COUTSIDES – TRE® Provider
Biofeedback Practitioner
QEC (Quantum Energy Coaching)
Phone: 011 849 4951 and 082 656 3030
Benoni, Johannesburg, Gauteng

I discovered TRE at a point of great emotional trauma in my personal and family life. I was in awe as I discovered this incredible built-in mechanism that heals and de-stresses simultaneously.
I like to refer to the process as a BODY and SOUL massage from within.

I have shifted from depression to joy and peace by using TRE. TRE is a powerful tool for anyone who is ready to face his or her challenges,  thereby taking responsibility for living an authentic, healthy life.

I am qualified to work in groups but prefer the intimacy of working one-on-one. I will however also work with 2 or 3 people maximum.

SUE CRAMER – TRE® Provider
NLP/ Life Coach
Emotional Freedom Technique
Phone: 072 345 3078
Area: Northgate/ Jukskei Park, Fourways

School was a struggle, what went wrong? Why wasn’t I like the other kids? I too wanted my mom and dad to be proud of me. I started school with great enthusiasm no tears, I could not wait. Like a lot of small girls, I wanted to be a ballerina, I practiced every day. But after one year the teacher told my mom not to waste her money as I was a bit like a baby elephant. I don’t know when I stopped trying, but I did. From the age of 16 I started to look for answers, studying many things. My greatest understanding came at the beginning of my training in TRE® (Trauma Release Exercise).

When humans suffer trauma, our autonomic nervous system takes over the running of our bodies, putting us into fight flight or freeze. Neuroimaging studies found patients with severe early life trauma had almost NO activation of any of the self-sensing area of the brain. So early childhood trauma was the cause of my struggle.

I am happy to announce that because of TRE® I am no longer shut down and shut off to life. So, with great passion I want you to know, that no one needs to go through life not being able to dance, learn, feel or excel, because with a few simple exercises and our body’s own intelligence we can switch our ‘self’ back on and thrive.

Help me and TRE® For Africa give all the kids with learning difficulties a fighting chance. And all of you who have and still are suffering from stress use TRE®. NO DRUGS NO ENDLESS HOURS OF THERAPY JUST TRE®.
TRE® also helps with pain reduction and reducing the effects of fibromyalgia.

TRE® Provider

Phone: 084 460 8667
Area: Greenside, Johannesburg

Since 2005, Angela, my wife, and I have been running a practice specialising in bringing together the very best available in personal  growth processes and workshops.  We have also developed several of our own processes such as Embody, JoyMap and the Jump workshops that have life changing impact on the individual committed to the specific process they are involved in. The testimonials on our website speak for themselves.  I am also a qualified Ontological Coach and TRE® (Trauma Release Exercise) Provider.
TRE® is an amazing methodology which enables you to release your stress and trauma in your life without actually talking about it. It has been used with great success with PTSD (Post traumatic Stress Disorder) sufferers all over the world. I see clients in Greenside in Johannesburg and can travel for groups at your offices or place of residence. I have also been known to use some tennis, squash or frisbee in the park to alleviate stress and tension.
Specialties: Intuitive insight, Integration, Moving to Joy, Workplace Harmony, Efficiency, Trauma Release, Stress Release, TRE®, Better Sleep, Better Life.

ireneDixeyIRENE DIXEY – TRE® Provider
Thai Body Therapies and Teacher
Thai Foot, Copper Bowl Foot Therapy,
Reflexology, Vacu-flex Boots from Denmark, achieving relaxation, acid release and balance
Shiatsu Neck and Shoulder
Touch for Health Level 1, 2 and 3
Intern at Life Science Clinic.
(Fasting and Cleansing the body, Hygienist Approach)
Phone: 084 412 3946
Area: Northcliff, Johannesburg, Gauteng

I have been in the health industry more than twenty-five years.  I have always believed that keeping healthy is an on-going practice.  We can eat well, exercise, do all the correct things and yet if we carry negative emotions or trauma in our body we will never achieve this.

I feel strongly that TRE® is an exceptional body based therapy that does just that, release our fears, traumas and trapped negative emotions.  Bringing a state of balance where the body can truly heal and where we can start to reach our full potential.
I have found such a profound difference within myself and those I have already had the privilege to work with !

Phone: 083 2267355
Area: Kempton park, East Rand, Gauteng

I have always believed that the body holds all the stresses and trauma we go through and did not know how we could release it, till I found TRE® or it found me. I heard about TRE® and signed up to become a Provider. TRE® helped me so much that I needed to share it with others. I do one on one sessions, group work of up to 3 and children. If you are overwhelmed, stressed, have sleep difficulties or high levels of anxiety and/ or have experienced trauma, contact me for an appointment.

sandyfeinsteinSANDY FEINSTEIN – TRE® Provider
Phone: 011 640 4556 and 082 463 4094
Area: Johannesburg, Northern Suburbs

I am a Therapeutic Reflexologist (registered with Allied Health Professional Council) and have qualified in Cranio Sacral therapy. I am currently assisting in supervision groups and my focus is to work with paraplegics and special needs groups. A colleague and I are offering talks and introduction to other specialist in the health sciences field. As I work in other allied health modalities I am introducing  my clients to TRE®.

Phone: 084 2985050
Krugersdorp, West Rand

From early childhood, I realized that I want to help people to improve their lives. However, being a very empathetic and deeply emotional person, I chose a career where I would work with people on a more superficial basis and completed a BA in Communications in 1988 with Psychology major. I completed a Honours degree via Unisa and a diploma in Public Relations in 1989, while working full time in Public Relations. (Always multitasking). Thereafter I worked in Sales, Marketing and Training. Since 1996, I have been self employed running various businesses. Since 2005, I have been owning and managing a Guest Lodge in Magaliesburg. My life has always been about multi tasking and coping with lots of stress.

I was introduced to TRE via the ADD Lab in Randburg as it was recommended for my son to help with his concentration and stress. Once I understood more about TRE, I realized that this is what I needed for myself, and that TRE would be the way to finally help myself and other people on a deeper level. Since doing TRE myself, I have become calm and focused, several heath issues have improved and the best of all, my mind has become clearer! Being able to help people with their stress and trauma is more rewarding than anything I have done in the past!

ETRICIA HARMS – TRE® Practitioner
B Psych Hons (Psychology)
Phone: 079 884 1845 and 082 677 1773
Lyttelton Manor, Centurion, Gauteng

As a Registered Psychological Counsellor with a special interest in trauma, stress and anxiety, I suspected early on in my career that addressing the mind and emotions in isolation is a good start, but only addresses part of the issue.
Trauma and stress starts in the body and affects us on at least three levels: Cognitive (believe system and self-talk), emotional, as well as physical (body memory and influx of stress hormones). The feedback I received from my clients stated that they were feeling much better after the counselling, but that they “could still feel it in their bodies.”
Taking the feedback very seriously, I went in search of a tool that I could use to also provide release on a physical level. Coming across TRE, I instinctively knew that this was the tool that I have been looking for – not just for my clients, but also for myself. TRE addresses issues in a holistic way – not trying to separate mind and body from each other.
What excites me most about TRE is that it is an empowering modality. The skills are passed on to the client and become part of their coping structure – a gift for life!!

Phone: 82 562 9123
Area: Sandton

Prior to 2004, Cheryl enjoyed a corporate career in the areas of marketing, business consulting, training and development. Since then she has immersed herself in somatic therapies for her own and others’ healing at all levels of body-mind. In her work as a teacher of the Alexander Technique (which provides a practice for consciously owning, being content in, moving happily with one’s body), she realised that severe stress and deep trauma sometimes interfered with a client’s ability to come to the still and clear space required to make decisions, set directions or maintain their attention on what was most important to them. Even with the best intentions to increase their awareness and be present in the moment, they felt blocked from being fully in touch with themselves. TRE® enables people to safely release built-up and long-held tensions which, consequently, opens them up to new possibilities for living healthily, improving their relationship with their bodies and taking responsibility for their well-being. Cheryl facilitates this process for individuals and groups.

TRE® Provider

Phone No: 071 1486210
224 Urban Ridge West, 81 5th Street
Halfway Gardens, Midrand

Jerome is qualified with a Diploma from an ICF (International Coaching Federation) accredited coaching institution, The Coaching Centre  and has training in the  Enneagram not only as a personality profiling tool but also as a leadership approach in all spheres including business.

Jerome is qualified and trained as a Level 2 TRE Provider (Trauma Release Exercises) meaning he can work with individuals and groups. He has developed techniques to work with paraplegics wanting to find stress and tension release. In the busy and trying dynamics of the Cape Flats where Jerome hails from he initiated TRE interventions for addicts and their families.

Augmenting the training in trauma release Jerome qualified as a Quantum Energy Coach (QEC) which delves into the subconscious mind and changes limiting beliefs and re-programmes the system to be positive and decisive.  He is currently pursuing his Masters in Business Administration (MBA) through the University of South Wales. 

Anjana Lala ANJANA LALA – TRE® Provider
BCOM Industrial & Organisation Psychologist,
CLYT Laughter Yoga International
Phone: 083 2090 199
Edenvale, Rivonia, Linksfield, Bedfordview
facebook connectAnjana always believed in self-healing and the power of the body and brain. TRE is a powerful body based healing tool. Anjana finds TRE amazing the way the client lets go of inner blocks that they didn’t even knew were there.  TRE is a safe and easy way to restore, rebalance, repair, release, and gain heightened awareness. Its a transforming and empowering journey. The shackles that held you back is being shaken off.   Releasing of deep-seated mental and physical pain. Letting go of helpless and hopeless feelings. Rising above our pain. Moving forward one minute, one hour, one day… this are the victories. One by one the masks are falling off. Gain meaning, pleasure and fulfilment.

Anjana Lala wants to live in a world where books are bundled with extra Swiss chocolate, love letters are hand written and life comes with a magic wand. A sought-after Happiness at work and De-stress consultant. As a Happiness & Laughter Coach with over 10 years of experience, she’s been featured on Radio 702, Eastwave Radio, Life is Journey, & Mela.

When Anjana is not being The Happiness Diva, creating The Happiest & De-Stress Programs for companies or inspiring Women Moving on Up in life, you can find her whipping up yummy garlic ice cream, watching obscene amounts of television without a trace of shame or chatting up unlikely heroes, dreamers, and doers.

Phone: 0823203786
 Morningside. Sandton

Kareema Mitha is a TRE® Provider who offers clients a safe, nurturing and non-judgemental space to work through traumas, anxieties and every day stresses – at a pace set through consultation with the client. Drawing on her experience as a Kinesiologist and a Life Coach – she also works with children who need assistance with ADD, Learning Difficulties and Allergies.

Kareema runs a multi-faith practice and encourages clients to grow into a space of understanding themselves and embracing their own uniqueness. Based on over a decade of experience in the corporate world as a Chartered Accountant she understands the pressures of working in Corporate, as well as that of being a working mother. Kareema believes that TRE® allows people to free themselves of their past hurts and experiences and live the lives they know they were meant to live.

TRE® Level I Practitioner
Facilitator, focusing on individuals,
especially children and teenagers
Phone: 083 6589157
Weltevreden Park. Roodepoort

LouellaNoppeLOUELLA  NOPPÉ  – TRE® Provider
Retired Registered nurse
Reiki (Advanced)
QEC (Quantum Energy Coaching)
Completed course in Consciousness Coaching
Certificate in Practical Herbal applications
Phone: 083 589 5027
Halfway Gardens, Midrand, Johannesburg

My realisation over several years of using different modalities to manage my stress and trauma was like putting a plaster on a wound which would repeatedly flare up.

I was introduced to the TRE® process which has supported my body to release stress and trauma from the inside out…. No need for a plaster anymore!  The TRE® process has made me “feel alive” again after many years of feeling numb.I resonate with the TRE® process and feel passionate about self-empowering clients.

The TRE® process is for all who would like to claim their power back to live a life in which you manage your everyday tension and stress.

Occupational Therapy (registered with HPCSA)
Therapeutic Reflexology (registered with AHPCSA)
Phone: 011 728-4769 and 082 958 0775
Area: Johannesburg Northern Suburbs

I trained under Haley Ritzlmayr and Barbara Kuppers and certified in April 2016 . I currently attend the Advanced TRE Training Course and assist at TRE supervision groups.

My focus with regard to TRE is working with people with physical and/or neurological disabilities as well as with adults who are suffering from psychiatric, psychological or stress related problems e.g. depression, PTSD or chronic stress. Individual and group sessions are available.

Other Modalities: Occupational Therapy, Therapeutic Reflexology
Work primarily with people who have either physical or neurocognitive disorders or psychiatric illnesses.

Counselling Psychologist, Expressive Arts Therapy
Phone: 072 2121719
Area: Arcadia/Clydesdale, Pretoria

Eleen Polson is a Counselling Psychologist with 10 year Military experience, doing group debriefing in the field since 1995. Currently she is running a psychotherapy private practice based in Arcadia/Clydesdale, Pretoria. She has also specialized in expressive arts therapy using non-verbal and body based techniques to facilitate integration, health and wellness. Since 2005 she conducts group training for mental health practitioners as well as therapy groups for children and teenagers.

For more info please visit

“Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes.
Art is knowing which ones to keep.”
~ Adam Scott, American cartoonist

Phone: 083 566 4095
Facebook: @SashTRE
Area : West Rand/ Randburg to Northern Johannesburg

WOW!! WOW!! WOW!! Have you been at the point where you have been so overwhelmed by stress, trauma and just LIFE itself? Felt so absolutely helpless and, hopeless with NO way out? No matter what therapy or medicines you have tried – you still felt you were on the verge of just simply giving up, that NOTHING would help or work? Let me tell you TRE is for you!!

At a time when I was suffering from chronic PTSD, deep fear and debilitating anxiety – I was introduced to TRE which literally saved my life. In just ONE session my whole being was transformed!! I was so blown away by the immediate benefits and absolutely amazed at how I could wake up the next morning feeling a tremendous burden had been lifted – years of tears stopped and I could BREATHE, and I knew I could start LIVING and laughing again.
I was so convinced that THIS WAS IT!! This is what EVERYBODY needs – so I signed up to qualify as a TRE provider. I left 20 years of the corporate world and so my new journey began. I have no other modality to boast – just plain and simple TRE because it works.

TRE is a phenomenal non-cognitive, body based therapy -Your body’s natural built-in mechanism to discharge stress, tension or any deep seated trauma. No matter what has happened to you – just simple anxiety or a highly tragic/traumatic event does not matter to the body as the “fight flight” response is exactly.

Come and try TRE and STOP the perpetual circle of adrenaline feeding your unease and stress. You are sure to benefit physically and emotionally and start living again.

Please feel free to call for a chat – I would love to hear from you.

JACQUI RUSSON – TRE® Practitioner
BSc Occupational Therapy (Hons.) (UCT)
Group Analysis (CGAS) and Post Graduate Degree
in Business Administration (PDBA) (UCT, GSB).
Phone: 082 410 0105
Area: Johannesburg, Rivonia, Sandton 

I have a special interest in integrated well-being and optimal daily functioning, adopting an incorporated and holistic approach allowing for flexibility and creativity in addressing clients’ specific needs. I have great interest in addressing maladaptive coping mechanisms and exploring more functional and effective tools to optimize one’s level of day to day functioning and level of satisfaction, encouraging a sense of autonomy and fostering oneself as the key change agent.

I work within the addiction field, highlighting the value of alternative tools such as TRE to address significant levels of imbalance and to guide the process of establishing a state of functioning, meaning and equilibrium.

Reflexology, Kinesiology, Active Isolated Stretching,
Mindfulness Coach
Phone: 82 3775877
Area: Pretoria Gauteng

“Since my first awakening, a million years ago, to the incredible ability of the body to heal itself, I was in awe and knew instinctively there was no turning back; I was destined to be a therapist and intuitively accepted the responsibility to facilitate this process with whatever means available.

So, I embarked, bright-eyed, on a lifelong journey of studying the theory of and practicing several therapies. One very convenient advantage of my studying a vast variety of healing therapies is that I could experience the benefits of each therapy first-hand. Therefore I am able to apply a unique set of tools for each client to match his / her individual needs. My toolbox consists of the above-mentioned therapies, as well as value added extras like Iridology, Homeopathy, Chinese Acupuncture and Nutrition, Reiki and Osteopathic Massage.

Through the years I became increasingly aware of the inseparable relationship between body and mind and that the one cannot be treated efficiently without implying the other. I discovered TRE® and was thrilled to watch the beautiful dance between body and mind and the delicate unknown and especially the incredible wisdom of the body to be able to regulate exactly what the individual is ready to release. There is nothing I love more than to provide a safe space for a client to mindfully connect with and integrate the healthy and wounded parts of his being in order to become the whole, wonderful living soul he / she was destined to be.

LARA TATZ – TRE® Provider
Experienced Therapeutic Reflexologist,
registered with Allied Health Professional Council
Phone: 082 786 4729
Address: 132 Athol Street (Corner Meyer Street), Waverley, Johannesburg

Working in a therapeutic environment for over 15 years, dealing with people living with cancer, autoimmune conditions and the like, I also work with those going through huge positive life changes like pregnancy – my approach to healing has always been holistic.

Once I had attended a TRE workshop, I realized that this was another way to help my patients hold themselves in the world. Trauma can manifest in physical illnesses in the body and that’s why both TRE and Therapeutic Reflexology complement each other. Together they assist us in dealing with the cause and effects of trauma.

The impact of trauma not only affects our health, but also shows in behavioral changes such as aggression, anxiety and social disengagement. These symptoms can be extremely overwhelming and damaging, but because the TRE helps to calm down the nervous system the ripple effect allows people to regain the ability to manage their lives.

TRE® Provider

Certified Life Coach, Therapeutic Fascia Massage
Phone: 082 884 1611
Email :
Area: Johannesburg, Sandton

20 years after my near fatal car accident I found TRE which provided a way to manage my residual aches and pains, when I needed it. Re-alignment, sense of wellbeing and emotional balance were all a welcomed additional surprise. In my practice I have helped clients with muscular tension and those strained by daily stresses or feeling generally overwhelmed.

Counselling Psychologist, Certified EMDR Practitioner,
Certified Imago Relationship Therapist, Neurofeedback Practitioner, Mindfulness Practitioner
Phone: 082 451 4382
236 Rondebult Road, Libradene, Boksburg (Johannesburg East Rand)  264 Highland Road, Kensington, Johannesburg (Central JHB)

I emphasize the fascinating mind-body connection in my work  that focuses to a large extent on trauma and stress management. I work with children, adolescents and adults; and facilitate TRE groups and workshops at both my practices, and in corporate contexts if required.

I also facilitate TRE-Mindfulness Stress Management groups. I am contracted in to all medical aids and charge medical aid rates.

Counselling Psychologist in private practice,
Phone: 083 4076074
Area: Faerie Glen, Pretoria

Pilates Instructor
Reflexology and Reiki Practitioner
Phone: 0826501969
89 Erasmus Ave, Raslouw AH Centurion

I was introduced to TRE® during a fascia releasing course I attended in 2015, and have not looked back since. I certified as a TRE® provider in August 2016, whilst running and instructing in my Pilates studio.

I continuously look for new and innovative ways to help my clients work towards achieving an optimal and healthy body. Body based therapies and natural remedies have always been of interest to me. Having completed courses in Reflexology and Reiki, TRE® has added another dimension to my business. I would like to continue on my journey of TRE® and work towards becoming an advanced TRE® provider.

My Studio is located in a tranquil and picturesque small holding.