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External conflict comes to an end with the dawn of internal peace. (David Berceli, PhD)

KZN – Coastal and Inland

For your safety and comfort you should only receive TRE® guidance from certified individuals. Please do not receive TRE®  guidance from anyone who is not certified and listed on this website or on Although the exercises evoke tremors easily, the ability to understand and safely guide a person through a successful completion of a session is more complex. The goal of providing you with certified TRE® Providers is to ensure you have a safe, pleasant and positive experience.

A certified TRE® Provider is qualified to take both individuals and groups through the TRE Process. A certified TRE® Level I Practitioner is qualified to take individuals through the TRE® Process. A TRE® Certification Trainer will offer individual and group TRE® as well as TRE® Provider Training.

Advanced TRE® Providers 

DEBORAH RAW – Advanced TRE® Provider
Specialised Kinesiologist
Phone: 033 3302716
Area: Howick, Midlands, KwaZulu Natal

Advanced TRE® Provider
BSc (Hons) HED, QEC Practitioner
Phone: 82 2105273 (mobile & sms)
Ballito/ Salt Rock, KZN, South Africa

My passion for people and teaching stems from my many years as an educator. I discovered TRE® through Dr Melanie Salmon and my own personal journey revealed what a powerful, life changing tool it can be. The desire to share this knowledge motivated further study and I qualified as an Advanced TRE® Provider. Regular participation in TRE® professional development keeps me abreast of new thinking and changes in TRE®.
In the spirit of ‘giving back’ to the community, I have been involved with community group courses (including Rape Crisis, Patch, Hospice, Child Welfare, Compassionate Friends) aimed to manage stress and vicarious trauma which often affects those who work with people in crisis.

Having recently relocated from the Western Cape to Ballito/Salt Rock, I now offer TRE in this area.

I enjoy working with individuals, couples and groups. During one-on-one TRE sessions I work at a pace that suits the needs of each individual and feel privileged to facilitate their healing journey. Another option is to join a 6-week Introductory TRE course, for small groups of 3-5 people. This course gives participants confidence to continue their journey to incorporate and use TRE to cope with the stressful demands of day-to-day life.

As I work with people and teach them TRE, I am constantly amazed and excited by the incredible shifts and changes that happen, usually within a very short period of time. The comment from a client that TRE “opened up pockets of forgotten personality”, and the fact that I see similar positive changes repeated over and over again, motivates me to continue sharing this hugely empowering technique.

TRE® Providers 

Aqua Therapist, Muscle Activation, Fascia Therapist
Phone No: 033 344 1750 & 082 679 0241
64 Uplands Road, Blackridge, Pietermaritzburg

I am an Aqua-Therapist, rehabilitating people in a heated pool in a multi disciplinary practice. Water is a wonderful medium for people requiring orthopaedic rehab, whether pre, post operative or a maintenance programme. I assist people to regain their mobility and independence whilst recovering from an accident, stroke or working with special populations; Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s etc.
Whilst working with the different groups, I feel that stress and or trauma experienced in the past may often hinder the rehab process. To assist the person to unlock their stress/trauma, Tension and Trauma Release (TRE) is a
wonderful modality, this in turn then empowers them to individually continue with this wonderful learnt skill and is a very rewarding transformation process to witness.
Fascia Therapy and TRE work well together. Often through trauma/ anxiety/ stress, the fascia in the body becomes tight and causes a great imbalance. By working on the body to release the fascia, balance and ability is restored. The release of fascia also assists with the TRE session.

Massage Therapist
Fascia Release Therapy for Humans and Equines
Phone No: 082 3086609
Area: Pietermaritzburg & Greytown
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I’ve been a massage therapist for over 20 years  and on the journey to discovering ever new and amazing techniques to help both my human and equine clients, and none have ever been as effective as working with the amazing connective tissue :Fascia
I have worked on a wide range of people and horses over the years, applying Equine Laser Acupuncture, Reflexology and Meridian Therapy, Sports and Swedish Massage techniques, Trigger Point therapy, Muscle Activation, Lynotherapy and Trauma Release Exercises.
I now teach workshops for both humans and horses around South Africa and internationally where I combine a unique blend of techniques. 
Being a part of the Fascia Summer Schools in Germany  in 2014 and 2016 as well as The International Fascia Congress in Washington DC in 2015 allowed me to really understand and convey the science behind the techniques I teach.
I live on a farm in  Kwazulu Natal, South Africa with my family a menagerie of four legged pets.

LIZA KIMBLE WORKSHOPS  are a combination of techniques all related to Fascia, our connective tissue. Upcoming Workshops – please go to the EVENTS  CALENDAR (Categorie Workshops related to TRE®) or check Liza Kimble’s website

brigitte-lotriet_smBRIGITTE LOTRIET  – TRE® Provider
Phone: 079 9626442
The Medical Centre, Tiffany Shopping Centre, Salt Rock, Home Visitations in Ballito – Durban North and PMB Areas

Brigitte is a Nutritionist who qualified in the UK from Kingston University in London with a BSc in Exercise, Nutrition and Health with Honours in Nutrition and is now a Qualified Level 2 TRE Facilitator. Her passion for people and wellness has taken her on the incredible journey of finding and now practicing TRE and she finds that introducing her Nutrition clients to TRE dovetails and adds to her practice in many very meaningful ways. She currently works at The Medical Centre in Salt Rock, a Multi-Diciplinary Medical Practice. Her interests in Type 2 Diabetes along with other noncommunicable, lifestyle diseases and the role that Nutrition and TRE can play in healing, proving alternative treatments and interventions is her passion. More and more research is linking stress and anxiety to disease, poor nutritional and bad health choices as well as prohibiting people from making the lifestyle changes they want to.

Phone 084 765 62 43
Pietermaritzburg KZN

Lesley’s life is a wonderful journey of discovery, in 2006 she attended her first Body Talk course and her life changed, she had found her passion. Since then she never stopped learning and growing and now offers:
• Reconnection Healing and ‘The Reconnection’
• Bowen Therapy
• Body Talk
• TRE Individual and Group sessions
She says: “We are all on our own unique journey and through these modalities I can assist you on your path.”

TRE® Provider
Psychology Honours Degree
Industrial Psychology
Wellness Counsellor
Chairperson of the uMhlatuze
Local Drug Action Committee
Phone No: 0847794775 and 0718376570
Area: Empangeni, Richards Bay

Originally born and raised in Zululand, Doreen has first-hand knowledge of the effects of violence on communities. This knowledge is what sparked her interest in TRE, as she is aware of the benefits of this therapy on individuals post trauma. Doreen began her TRE training when she was going through a rough patch in her life. She was experiencing severe headaches, back pains and sleeping problems. After attending the six week course and seeing how it had helped her, she decided to pursue this amazing therapy further so she would be able to combine her new found TRE skills with her existing knowledge to enable her to better help others.
As an employee wellness counsellor her duties include identifying training needs of the employees working within the different departments at uMhlatuze Municipality. Working in a multicultural context has enabled Doreen to garner an understanding of individuals and their unique problems. Further to this, she is involved in the recruitment and selection of prospective employees. As part of the employee health and wellness programmes, she runs biggest loser challenges and aerobic sessions for the employees. She has incorporated her TRE training in her work by running TRE focused sessions for individuals who are exposed to all types of trauma in their daily working environment.
An affiliate of ICAS, Doreen provides her clients with the time and attention required to effectively address their emotional and health concerns by using various TRE techniques within her sessions. She strives to keep up to date with various pathologies and treatment methods, through self-research. It has always been a passion of hers to interact with people and help them to the best of her abilities vocationally, emotionally and educationally.

GarethTennantGARETH TENNANT – TRE® Provider
Phone No: 083 7186501
Area: Port Shepstone, Margate

My interest in the brain stem tremor response began years ago when it was brought to my attention via the study of Bodytalk self healing systems. At the time it was implied that this trigger mechanism was only active in the animal kingdom . But a lot of research has developed since and we now know that via TRE, humans can re connect to the primal self regulating capacity of neurogenic tremoring.
Apart from TRE’s efficiency in improving both physical and mental health, I am drawn to the life skill aspect. I love that once learned, TRE becomes a self determining tool of health and wellbeing for the rest of one’s life.
TRE is comprehensive in dealing with the consequences of Traumatic experience, but my special interest is in the quick recovery of physical injuries and the priming effect of the immune system. I teach Karate (6th Dan) and it has served my students well in that they are able to benefit more from training consistency and over night workout recovery.