TRE® Provider Tonja Blom, now residing in the Western Cape,  started her certification training in 2014 in Durban. She became specifically interested in TRE® as a result of the high incidence of stress, fear and anxiety which dominated her research data. It was thus a logical step to include TRE® in her PHD Thesis on ‘Organisational Change’.

Now she has not only completed her research; one of her papers (which were all triple blind reviewed and accepted) titled ‘Human Reactions to Change: The Reality and Impact of Stress’ was awarded “2016 Best Young Scholar” by IAMB (International Academy of Management and Business in Montreal, Quebec) and she presented it together with her second paper ‘Alternative Intervention Technologies that Facilitate Change’ at the Palm Beach International Conference on Business, Economics, Finance and Accounting on 11 – 13 May, 2016.

She presented her award winning thesis ‘Human Reactions to Change’ at the 21st International Academy of Management and Business 2016 Conference which took place on 18 – 20 May, 2016 at the University of Quebec at Montreal (UQAM)
Furthermore Tonja took part in the 2016 Integral European Conference 4 – 8 May in Siófok Hungary where she spoke about ‘A View on Individual Wholeness: Alternative Intervention Technologies’.

We congratulate Dr Blom for her great work and success !
Thank you Tonja !

In her own words:

The context of my PhD research was organisational change. The logic is/was as follows – my PhD data clearly showed a very high incidence of stress. The high incidence of stress is not acknowledged in any organisational change models. These articles thus start to introduce the real stress dilemma academically, as well as the reality that current solutions do not provide long term solutions. The “alternative” papers then continue to suggest academically, alternative interventions that facilitate firstly the reduction of stress and secondly facilitate change as more cognitive capacity becomes available.

Personally, in terms of TRE, I think the contribution is really creating an academic foundation into the reality of stress and alternative methods. My aim was to create credibility whilst starting to move the methods more towards mainstream interventions which really helps organisational acceptance and creates academic and public interest.

For Dr Blom’s contact details, please go to: Find a TRE® Provider – Western Cape – Inland.

Dr Blom has agreed to make her papers avilable via the TRE for AFRICA website. Please make sure to use the citation in the document to ensure proper referencing.

Links to download PDF:

IAMB-Human Reactions to Change-Reality and Impact of Stress
IAABR-Human Reactions to Change
IAABR-Alternative Intervention Technologies that Facilitate Change
IEC-A View on Individual Wholeness-Individual Intervention Techologies