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External conflict comes to an end with the dawn of internal peace. (David Berceli, PhD)

Su Thomas – TRE® Training/Advanced/Workshops

TRE® Provider Training 2017/18

TRE® Certification Trainer
Life Coach (COMENSA), Therapeutic Fascia Massage
Phone No: 082 787 2229
Area: Durban, Outer West, Hillcrest, Pinetown


TRE® Provider Training – General Information 

TRE has made a huge difference in my life. I am doing what I do because I love the work.
The course is open to everyone who has done at least one session of  TRE with a certified Provider, either one on one or in a group.

This is an experiential training which takes the participant on a self-development journey. It is highly recommended for everyone who works in a therapeutic context. Safety and connection, emotional self-regulation skills and understanding of self protective and defensive responses in both, oneself and the other are of great importance in every helping profession. Including the physical body in therapy and understanding has nothing but advantages. As you change, so does your approach to others and your understanding of what it means to ‘help’.

TRE Provider Training 2018

March to November

The course leading to certification as a TRE Provider is open to everyone. It involves theory and practice of TRE, both personal and working with others, one on one and in a group setting.

Quick Overview:

You receive:

  • 14 Workshop days of 8h each in the course of 8 months
  • 4 one on one sessions (2 with your trainer and 2 with another certified Provider)
  • Individual and confidential feedback on all your journals
  • Learning Material, PDF and Video on Memstick
  • Friendship, fun and deep and liberating self-discovery
  • Registration with TRE for ALL Inc as a Provider, access to their portal for further learning.

Up to 20 CPD Points for HPCSA and Allied Health Professionals for course completion.

Other Professionals can apply but we cannot give guarantee.  

The complete course is valued at R 18 000
Please contact me for fee structure and payment terms.

Requirements and deadlines will be communicated clearly throughout the training and every effort will be made to help the trainee. Their commitment must include attendance at the M1 and M2 and all supervision workshops as well as doing the practical work/ writing their journals.

The workshops will be held at Eagle View Yoga Studio, Galloway Lane Winston Park or at my Studio in Winston Park, 8 Montgomery Drive. 


MODULE 1 – 2 Day Workshop Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th of March

The Workshop will give an overview of the following themes: The Basic Premise of TRE, Trauma and the Brain (Neurology of Trauma), Trauma and the Body (Physiology of Trauma), The Autonomous Nervous System, Survival Responses, The Polyvagal Theory, Science of Compassion, Belief Systems, Cultural and Individual Responses to Trauma.

Module 1/2 – One day Workshop Saturday 14 April
Feedback on the individual TRE Process, Peer-Facilitation, Recapitulation of the Neurology and Physiology of Trauma and the ANS/Survival Responses in light of the individual TRE experience.

 Module 1/3 – One day Workshop Saturday 12 May
Feedback, Peer Facilitation,Polyvagal and the Science of Compassion, looking at beliefs and cultural conditioning as well as generational trauma.

Trainees who have journaled 30 sessions of  individual TRE (including all done at the workshops) and received positive feedback from the Trainer/Mentor can start facilitating one-on one TRE with friends/ family or clients.

Module 1/4 – 2 Day Workshop Saturday 23/24 June
One-On One Facilitation Intensive, Self-Regulation including props and self-interventions, Variations on the exercises for children, seniors and people with handicaps, Containment and Safety, Transference and Countertransference, Advanced Facilitation Skills.

Module 2 – 3 Day Workshop Friday to Sunday 20 – 22 July

An in-depth look at Fascia and the TRE Process including Interventions, Intervention versus Intrusion, Holding Safe Space, Early Childhood Attachment Theory, Mirror Neurons and Brain Plasticity, Intrinsic Connectivity Network (David Berceli), Introduction to Group Work including work in culturally diverse environments, Variations to TRE Introductions for different groups and environments.

Module2/2 One Day Workshop Saturday 18 August
Interventions feedback, peer practice, Recapitulation of Fascia, Interventions and application of Interventions, Attachment Theory and Brain Plasticity/ Connectivity Network

Module2/3 One Day Workshop Saturday 15 September
Group work feedback, group process, safe space, survival responses (freeze/flooding and dissociation) and containment, self-awareness, peer practice

Module 2/4 One Day Workshop Saturday 13 October
Pre – Certification assessment.
Content depends on the progress and needs of Trainees

Proposed Certification Date : Saturday 2 November 2017

 Your TRE Practice during the course :

  • Personal Journal on your own process
  • Min 5 individual sessions with 5 different people
  • One individual needs to be taken through 6 consecutive sessions
  • Min 5 sessions with different groups
  • One group needs to be taken through 6 consecutive sessions
  • Client Facilitation and Group facilitation journals sent and feedback received

Peer sessions and sessions with other certified Providers do not count toward these practice requirements.

It does happen, that there are changes in your life during the 8 month that make it difficult to attend all the workshops or do the practice in time. Do not worry about this. I will always make a plan so that you can certify at a later date or make up for  workshops you could not attend. (Mod 1 in March and Mod2 in July are compulsory)

Contact Details : Su Thomas 082 787 2229 WhatsApp preferred but I do call back ;.)

To register, send a request to me at

and pay a deposit of R 500 to:
Susanne Thomas
FNB Account No 62299462293
Branch Code 223726

You will receive a registration form and a receipt for your deposit.

Thank you for your interest, I am looking forward to hear from you. The TRE Provider Training is more than learning a new skill you will share with Clients – it is a personal journey. You are invited to share your authentic presence with those who need a safe space to heal. TRE is doing the rest.

CPD Allocation
Health Professions Council SA: Module 1=15 CPD Module 2=16 CPD
Total 31 Points

Allied Health Professions Council SA: Chiropractors Module 1=20 CPD points
Module 2=20 CPD points Total 40 CPD Points

Other Modalities Module 1=8 CPD points Module 2=8 CPD points
Total 16 CPD Points