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External conflict comes to an end with the dawn of internal peace. (David Berceli, PhD)

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TRE® Introduction on Video

TRE® Testimonials (video) from South Africa

Haley Ritzlmeyer – TRE® Certification Trainer in Johannesburg describes how TRE® helped her release chronic lower back pain. TRE® Provider Wynitta Cormack shares how TRE® changed her life TRE® Certification Trainer Erika Coetzer (Limpopo) learned TRE with other members of her family in 2012. She is now a TRE Certification Trainer in Limpopo and Mpumalanga […]

TRE® Helps Veterans Recover From Combat Stress

This is a collection of videos related to TRE® in the recovery from combat stress and trauma related to military service.


A personal journal recorded over 3 months of TRE (c) ANETTE LAKER During a visit to my physiotherapist in July 2013, I mentioned that I was diagnosed by a dermatologist with an auto-immune skin disease. He immediately stopped working and asked me this question… “What was your childhood like ? Have you had any traumatic […]

TRE® & Sports Injuries

David Whitlow, who is active in Brasilian Jujitsu (Submission Wrestling) talks about his TRE experience. TRE has helped him to recover from injuries related to his sport and improved his general wellbeing in a way he never thought possible.