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External conflict comes to an end with the dawn of internal peace. (David Berceli, PhD)

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Release for Peace – TRE® In The Cape Flats

October 2016 –  Dr Melanie Salmon, Desiree English and team On 10 October, we began a 6 week TRE® group with 53 Ladies from Benteheuwel, in the urban war-zone area of the Cape Flats near Cape Town.

TRE® PROVIDER TRAINING with Parliamentary Staff

by Dr Melanie Salmon TRE Certifying Trainer In March 2016 Mr Buyile Bashe, head of Wellness in Parliament Cape Town, invited me to train a selection of Parliamentary staff as Accredited TRE® Providers.

TRE® for Helderberg Rape Crisis Volunteers

Contribution by Beverley Streng A group of Somerset West TRE Providers (Dr Melanie Salmon, Beverley Streng, Tim Knight, Donovan Brown and others) worked together during November/ December 2015 to offer a pro bono 6 week group course to a small group of Helderberg Rape Crisis volunteers. This initiative came about after discussion with the centre […]

Taking TRE® into the Corporate World

Contribution by Viv Routledge Managing the effects of stress is one of the biggest challenges facing the Corporate world so it was encouraging when Spier Holdings decided to try a different approach by offering TRE to their staff. The goal was to equip them with a skill that would enable them to better manage their […]

TRE® Programme with Ottery Youth Care Centre

Manuela Kacinari Wall and Christine Cornick began working with Ottery Youth Care Centre in Cape Town (for Juvenile Offenders) in April 2015 and have so far run a TRE courses with 20 of the staff and 18 of the boys in their care programme. Desiree English also joined the training team for some of the […]

TRE® Western Cape Action Group 2015

Thank you to Jessica Avidon for this beautiful and informative Newsletter. You can download and keep the PDF here: NEWSLETTER TRE WAG 2015  

South Africa – TRE® Projects and Initiatives 2015

As 2015 draws to an end, I have asked the TRE® Certification Trainers to share highlights of 2015 so we can draw on each other’s experience and be inspired – and at the same time inform the public about the advances and successes of TRE® in South Africa.   TRE SOUTH AFRICA The annual conference […]

“Women’s Health” & “Men’s Health” test TRE®

Click on the picture above or use THIS LINK to read an article about TRE® in the South African Edition of Woman’s Health. Click on the picture above or use THIS LINK to read an article about TRE® in the South African Edition of Men’s Health. Thank you, Manuela Kacinari Wall for raising awareness about […]


by Ingrid Regenass (TRE Certification Trainer) For me the worst day of the Cape Town fires was on Wednesday 4th March 2015. I had hardly slept the night before – from the balcony of our house I watched as the fire raged across the mountain. Large areas that had already burnt were eerily beautiful and […]