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External conflict comes to an end with the dawn of internal peace. (David Berceli, PhD)

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Advanced TRE® Training March 8 – 12 in Durban

The Advanced TRE Training was a resounding success, attended by 67 TRE Providers, Trainers and Mentors from all over South Africa. DEEPENING YOUR UNDERSTANDING, PRACTICE AND SKILLS IN TRE®  we learned exceptional and valuable skills in facilitating TRE, deepening the process for ourselves and our clients. As always, there was a good balance between experiential […]

WOZA MOYA – TRE® Community Wellness Day

Written by Robin Vanderplank – Clinical Psychologist and TRE® Mentor in KwaZulu Natal.  (Scroll to the bottom to watch a 4 minute video testimonial )  ‘Woza Moya’ offers care and practical help to the community that lives in the beautiful rolling hills and valleys of the Ufafa Valley region of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa – up […]

Woza Moya Project – November 2016 Update

The Ufafa Valley near iXopo KwaZulu Natal is a rural area consisting of about 10 villages and appr 8000 people affected by HIV and AIDS and poverty, including orphaned children and their caregivers.

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WOZA MOYA PROJECT – 13/14 July Training

The first two days of TRE® Training for 6 people at Woza Moya NGO took place on the 13th and 14th of July.

TRE® KwaZulu Natal – 2015 Certification and Training Roundup

Congratulations to our TRE Providers who certified in April 2015 : Back row: Matthew Smith, Sheena Arnott, Claudia Pedlar, Tonja Blom, Garth Miller, Lesley Mitchell, (Trainers: Robin Vanderplank, Anita Simon) Front row: Kelly Berry, Doreen Sithole (Trainer: Su Thomas) Congratulations to our TRE® Providers who certified in August 2015 Gareth Tennant, (Trainers: Su Thomas, Anita […]

TRE® Introduction – EAPA KwaZulu Natal Chapter

Contribution by Su Thomas In August 2015 we were invited to present TRE® to a group of KwaZulu Natal based members of EAPA – mainly working within Government Departments (Health, Education,Sport and Recreation, SAPS and more) who were very keen to learn more about stress release. Initiated by one of our current TRE Provider trainees, […]

TRE® for Victims of Xenophobic Violence – Durban

In early 2015, a wave of xenophobic unrest and violence shook South African Cities and regions. Durban was affected as well and within a short time, thousands of residents from African countries (mostly from Zimbabwe and Malawi but also from Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo and others) who were living in and around […]

TRE® Provider Training KwaZulu Natal 2015

TRE® Provider Training Durban , KZN – October 2015 – June 2016 The Module I Workshop 22 -24 October was held at TRE-Unwind Your Life in Winston Park – attended by 7 TRE Trainees who are now continuing with supervision group meetings, followed by the Module II Workshop in February and certification in June 2016. […]

TRE® Introduction – SAACHS Conference – Durban

Following an invitation from one of our TRE Practitioner trainees (who testifies to wonderful and extraordinary changes in her life due to the practice of TRE) a team of TRE Practitioners from around Durban was invited to introduce the delegates for SAACHS (South African Association Of Campus Health) to TRE. After a great introductory talk […]