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Advanced TRE® Training March 8 – 12 in Durban

The Advanced TRE Training was a resounding success, attended by 67 TRE Providers, Trainers and Mentors from all over South Africa. DEEPENING YOUR UNDERSTANDING, PRACTICE AND SKILLS IN TRE®  we learned exceptional and valuable skills in facilitating TRE, deepening the process for ourselves and our clients. As always, there was a good balance between experiential […]

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TRE® PROVIDER TRAINING with Parliamentary Staff

by Dr Melanie Salmon TRE Certifying Trainer In March 2016 Mr Buyile Bashe, head of Wellness in Parliament Cape Town, invited me to train a selection of Parliamentary staff as Accredited TRE® Providers.

WOZA MOYA PROJECT – 13/14 July Training

The first two days of TRE® Training for 6 people at Woza Moya NGO took place on the 13th and 14th of July.

TRE® KwaZulu Natal – 2015 Certification and Training Roundup

Congratulations to our TRE Providers who certified in April 2015 : Back row: Matthew Smith, Sheena Arnott, Claudia Pedlar, Tonja Blom, Garth Miller, Lesley Mitchell, (Trainers: Robin Vanderplank, Anita Simon) Front row: Kelly Berry, Doreen Sithole (Trainer: Su Thomas) Congratulations to our TRE® Providers who certified in August 2015 Gareth Tennant, (Trainers: Su Thomas, Anita […]

TRE® Provider Training KwaZulu Natal 2015

TRE® Provider Training Durban , KZN – October 2015 – June 2016 The Module I Workshop 22 -24 October was held at TRE-Unwind Your Life in Winston Park – attended by 7 TRE Trainees who are now continuing with supervision group meetings, followed by the Module II Workshop in February and certification in June 2016. […]