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External conflict comes to an end with the dawn of internal peace. (David Berceli, PhD)

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Case study presentation by Dr Melanie Salmon TRE Trainer, Somerset West, Western Cape, South Africa, June 2016

Presenting TRE® on Academic Conferences Internationally

TRE® Provider Tonja Blom, now residing in the Western Cape,  started her certification training in 2014 in Durban.

The Importance of Emotional Regulation

Maybe you know what it’s like to feel unable to control your emotions. You’re walking along having a fine day when all of a sudden you hear a siren or a car backfires and you hit the deck or hide in the bushes. Or, you’re feeling completely at ease in a conversation with someone and […]

Debriefing the Body after Birth

  “What difference could it make to bonding, breastfeeding & early parenting if new mothers were taught they can ‘debrief their bodies’ through neurogenic tremors to become more calm, relaxed and grounded after birth?” Involuntary shaking & tremoring is a natural birth recovery process: Nearly every birth professional has witnessed mothers’ involuntarily shaking or tremoring during […]

TRE® & Sports Injuries

David Whitlow, who is active in Brasilian Jujitsu (Submission Wrestling) talks about his TRE experience. TRE has helped him to recover from injuries related to his sport and improved his general wellbeing in a way he never thought possible.