Contribution by Viv Routledge

Managing the effects of stress is one of the biggest challenges facing the Corporate world so it was encouraging when Spier Holdings decided to try a different approach by offering TRE to their staff. The goal was to equip them with a skill that would enable them to better manage their stress at work and on a personal level

A 6 week TRE program was run for a pilot group of 12 middle managers from Spier during September/October of this year under the direction and supervision of TRE trainer, Melanie Salmon with TRE providers, Tim Knight and Viv Routledge, facilitating the process with the group.


Dr Melanie Salmon


Tim Knight



[spacer height=”20px”]Personal medical details were evaluated before commencing with the group and all were given the green light. Most of the participants, reported symptoms of stress ranging from low energy and tiredness, to anxiety, lack of focus, sleep difficulties and general aches and pains from muscle tension.

Dr Salmon and the facilitators were very moved at the huge shifts that were apparent in all those who attended the course. Besides reports of marked improvements of the general symptoms, most found that they were better able to cope and think more clearly under pressure, were more productive in the workplace and were better able to work as part of a team. They generally felt calmer and more in control of their emotions and all felt that it had been a wonderful bonding experience for the participants.

When asked at the end of the program whether they would recommend it to their work colleagues all responded with a resounding ‘YES’!