depressionThe medical world has labelled Post Traumatic Stress a ‘Disorder’ suggestive that there is something inherently ‘wrong’ with the person rather than him/her having a normal response to an unresolved traumatic experience. Hence the term Post Traumatic Stress Injury (PTSI) has been used here in place of PTSD.

PTSI occurs when a person continues to re-experience the acute effects of a traumatic event long after the event has ceased, often triggered by memories or experiences that remind them of the event and often in situations they can’t control.

Just as the psychology of a memory can impact the body by re-creating the sensations and physical experience of a trauma, changing the physiology, tension patterns and sensations within the body has a similar beneficial impact upon the person’s psychology.

As the tension patterns created during a traumatic event are initiated from deep within the brainstem, it is common to achieve an emotional release or expression without fully discharging the physical tension created and stored within the body at the time of the traumatic or stressful events.

TRE initiates this release mechanism from deep within the brainstem, offering a profound adjunct to talk based and cognitive therapies by providing a physiological self help tool to continually reset the body to a relaxed state without the need for direct ongoing assistance by a therapist and enhancing the work of body based approaches

[Please note While TRE is easily learnt and safely performed by the vast majority of people without need for ongoing professional assistance, for those who have experience severe post-traumatic stress TRE is not recommended as a stand-alone substitute for professional assistance  however is a resource that can be used in conjunction with and in order to support and enhance other professional approaches. For people with severe PTSI or dissociative disorders, it may be necessary to initially perform TRE only under direct professional supervision until they have learnt safe and effective self-regulation of the bodies’ release.]

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(Article first issued on the TRE Australia webpage, co-published with permission)