Haley Ritzlmayr – TRE® Certification Trainer
Cranio-Sacral Therapist
Heartmath Resilience Coach
Phone: 083 627 7743
E-mail: trejhb@gmail.com
Kyalami/Lonehill Gauteng

Haley spent 11 years working in the IT industry and after the difficult birth of her first child, started on a journey that has led her to train and work with the Body’s natural mechanisms of release through TRE, Cranio-Sacral Therapy and Heartmath Coherence techniques.
She is one of 10 Certification Trainers in the country and personally trained with Dr David Berceli on numerous occasions. Haley has a special interest in working with Children and physical injury as well as ADD and Anxiety/Depression.

Haley is on the Contributor panel for Conscious Living. To read Haley’s story please click:
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‘TRE has not only helped me release pain from my body but has given me recovery of past events that contributed to a life of pain and fear. When we trust the natural mechanism of the brain stem to release out tension patterns, homeostasis is restored. So while our stories will always be ours, the charge associated does not have to be there. Forever grateful for this wonderful work that has helped so many people in my practice and around the world’

TRE® Provider Training 

For further info please contact Haley.
Email: haley@treforafrica.com or trejhb@gmail.com
 083 627 7743

Module 1 Training

3 Days 27th, 28th, 29th MARCH 2020

Compulsory Supervision


18TH April 2020

23rd May 2020

20th June 2020

18th July 2020

Module 2 Training

3 Days 21st, 22nd, 23rd AUGUST 2020

Compulsory Supervision


19th September 2020

17th October 2020

7th November 2020

28th November 2020

Module 2 Training

3 Days 6th, 7th, 8th MARCH 2020

Compulsory Supervision


4th April 2020

9th May 2020

30th May 2020

27th June 2020

Cranio-Sacral Therapy (CST)
I have been using Cranio-Sacral therapy for over 13 years and when I learnt how to initiate the neurogenic tremor through TRE, I found amazing responses in my CST clients who did TRE. The two methods are fully supportive of one another. Whatever it is your body requires to release, CST and TRE are the perfect combination when needed.
What is CST
CST is a very gentle, hands-on method of evaluating and enhancing the functioning of a physiological body system called the craniosacral system – comprised of the membranes and cerebrospinal fluid that surround and protect the brain and spinal cord.
CST helps to improve the nervous system and eliminate deeply held traumas, such as a stroke.
Like the pulse of the cardiovascular system, the CranioSacral system has a rhythm that can be felt throughout the body. Using a very light touch, skilled practitioners can monitor this rhythm at key body areas to pinpoint the source of an obstruction or stress.
The treatment itself involves the application of very light forces applied by the therapist’s hands. Limbs may be picked up and moved gently and slowly as the body tissues are allowed to ‘unwind’ themselves. A typical session lasts an hour. Wonderful for all kinds of ailments from physical to mental and emotional.

Heartmath Training and Facilitation
The body receives information about our internal and external environment, mainly from our senses, Vagus nerve and the Heart. We often hear how we must follow our hearts, it’s heart felt and from the Heart. Very nice terms and we get it but do we know why this is so important and is it possible to harness the powerful electrical charge of our heart to regulate our overcharged Nervous Systems (basically that out of control or depleted feeling)?
Scientific research has proven this and through breathing techniques practiced daily we can build resilience to help manage our stress. It is also a wonderful tool to use in the moment of stress so that we prevent unintended overcharge responses that fuel a situation.
I often do a process on the Heartmath technology to show clients their HRV level (Heart Rate Variability) and teach the breathing techniques so they can see real time the effect on their Nervous System (Fight/Flight response) This technique is used successfully with many of the matric students I see and generally during integration of the TRE process.

TRE (Trauma/Tension Release Exercises)
Private Sessions
TRE is a process and it is not recommended to have a one off session. I work on an initial 4 session program. Appointments are usually a week apart unless recommended otherwise. The first session is 1.5hours and thereafter an hour in duration. I offer a discounted rate if you pay for the 4 sessions upfront. Please email me to inquire about rates: haley@treforafrica.com or trejhb@gmail.com
TRE is a process that can be taught to do at home safely and I will help facilitate any early discharges as well as teach you HOW to use TRE safely according to your process and what is required.

Corporate Group Training
TRE Gauteng has the following programmes that are used in the corporate environment. We fully support the employee process and offer additional one-on-one sessions should they be required. Our goal is to provide your staff with the opportunity to learn TRE as a self-help tool. The 8 week process will allow the employee to release tension and stress in a supportive manner. Our internationally trained facilitators are well equipped and will coach your employees in the TRE process.

What TRE can do in the Social Responsibility community My Life South Africa (Video)

One-on-One Private Sessions
The reality is that your staff are not only employees: they have to fulfil other roles in their personal lives and often we don’t know how deep the pressure and tension runs to maintain this. At TRE Gauteng we offer this valuable support in our one-on-one session programme. The sessions are an hour long (The first session 1.5hrs) and in this time the TRE facilitator will assist and guide the employee through a process of stress and tension/trauma release in a safe way that has lasting effects. These sessions are useful for employees who are highly anxious, stressed, overwhelmed or who have recently experienced trauma. We use this process as an additional option to the group process, if needed. For optimal results, a 4-6 week process is recommended.

TRE® Corporate Introduction Workshop
This is a two hour program that introduces your employees to the concept of what it means to be stressed and or traumatised. We will discuss some of the conditions of stress and how often we don’t have a choice in how we behave or respond to triggers and high stress levels. We look at how an overwhelmed nervous system can have a huge impact on performance, motivation, completion of work and the ability to think clearly. This is followed by a unique experience of how to release tension from the body using the TRE process. The purpose of this workshop is to help the staff to acknowledge that everyone carries stress and that TRE can be a great team building/bonding experience. This is a fun and great option to use offsite in team building exercises.

TRE® 8 Session Process
This is by far our most popular and highly recommended programme. If you are looking to promote a calm working environment with staff that are relaxed and get along, then this is the programme to utilise. It does require commitment from the staff to attend each session and it is designed over 8 Sessions (approximately over 6 weeks) for a reason. The initial session is 2 hours, where we discuss stress and tension and how TRE works as well as the first practical experience. Thereafter 7 x sessions of 1.5 hours (depending on the size of the group) are spaced a week apart (we may do 2 sessions in the first week) to allow for integration to take place. During the sessions, we coach the employees on how to use TRE safely for themselves outside of the group sessions and encourage them to try at home. After the 8 sessions, the employee has a valuable stress relief tool that they can successfully incorporate into their lives and to help them build their own stress resilience.

In-House Facilitator Training
This training is specialised to organisations that have a wellness division and would like to have someone on site who can work with staff, should it be required. We train these individuals to work only within the company. Some companies select an HR member who is interested or other staff members who have the capacity and desire to work with others. This is effective and useful in large organisations. This is a 2 day intensive training with a supervision program and continued learning of 6 full day sessions two weeks apart (3 month training) A minimum number of trainees is required to train at your premises.

Tailored Trauma Programme
Should your shop staff experience a trauma at work, we will tailor TRE to working with the staff straight after the incident. We have experience with individuals who experience death, rape, home robberies and being held up at gun point. We work with what is required at the time. We have TRE facilitators that are also trained as psychologists and counsellors.

AUDITING (REPEAT M1 or M2) for certified TRE providers (Or if certification not attained previously)
Available at R2000 per Module/3 day workshop

AUDITING of M1/M2 Supervision
for certified TRE Providers (Or if certification not attained previously)
Available at R500 per supervision day. Please see upcoming Trainings.[spacer height=”20px”]

Working with Children – Full Day (5 CPD Point allocation)
Working with the Freeze response and Paraplegia- Half Day
Working with Interventions Refresher- How to view the body response effectively- Half Day
Heartmath Resilience techniques for integration