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TRE® With Children – Advanced Workshop in London

Dr Melanie Salmon recently held an Advanced TRE® Workshop in England, sharing her knowledge and expertise on teaching TRE® to children and teens.

Who is Dr Melanie Salmon ?

Dr Salmon is a TRE® Certification Trainer in Somerset West, Western Cape, South Africa. She has brought David Berceli to South Africa in 2009/10/ 11 and 12 and thus was instrumental in establishing TRE® in South Africa.

Dr Salmon has led many pioneering projects in South Africa, such as the SOS Children’s Village Project, the Chrysalis School Project, trained Facilitators within the Department of Rural Development in the Western Cape, recently trained Staff Facilitators within the Parliament of South Africa and a Project with the San People in Namibia.

She also offers Advanced Workshops internationally, with an emphasis on working with children and teenagers.

Dr Salmon offers TRE® Provider Training in Somerset West, as well as training courses in Quantum Energy Coaching (QEC) and Gestalt – Basic Counselling Skills for TRE® Providers and anyone else interested in these modalities.

To know more, please go to Dr Salmon’s page : Dr Salmon – TRE® Training/ Advanced / Related Workshops 

Here are some photos of the event, congratulations to everyone who attended.

Advanced TRE Training London 2017 - How to work with children


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