Author: Dr Melanie Salmon - TRE Level III Trainer

I had the privilege and pleasure yesterday to revisit the Chrysalis Academy, in Tokia, Cape Town. I interview the staff who deliver TRE to their youth…. they have 200 students residentially going through a 3 month rehabilitation program, 3 times a year.

Fifteen of the senior staff trained in TRE in April 2012 after which we did a TRE pilot project with 152 girls aged 17-24. The TRE pilot was very successful and Chrysalis gained world wide acclaim in the TRE community for this achievement.

You are welcome to download the Interim Research Report here: Chrysalis Girls Research Report copy – Melanie Salmon

Since then the staff have used TRE in creative ways, integrating it into their program. They continue to work with youth who are disaffected, trying to help them “unleash potential”… which is the Chrysalis motto. Many have suffered stress and trauma and the TRE program addresses this effectively.

I made a brief 12 minute documentary of the staff talking about how TRE is being used and its effectiveness. I was able to film the group of 44 young men in the hall being led by Desiree English and 3 instructors.