For your safety and comfort you should only receive TRE ® guidance from certified individuals. Please do not receive TRE®  guidance from anyone who is not certified and listed on this website or on Although the exercises evoke tremors easily, the ability to understand and safely guide a person through a successful completion of a session is more complex. The goal of providing you with certified TRE® Providers is to ensure you have a safe, pleasant and positive experience.

South Africa time zone = UTC/GMT+2 or SAST

ONLINE TRE® Provider Training

Su Thomas – TRE® Certification Trainer
Phone: 082 787 2229
Durban, South Africa

For information on Su’s ONLINE TRE® Provider Training please visit her website You will also find information for online TRE® sessions there. Thank you !

TRE® Certification Trainer
Sexuality Counsellor, Kinesiologist
Phone: 082 343 4699
Cape Town South Africa – Thailand – Romania – Portugal

For information on Fiona’s ONLINE TRE® Provider Training please visit

TRE® Certification Trainer

Cranio Sacral Therapist (Upledger Institute USA) Allied Health Council of SA
Phone: +27 (0)83 627 7743
Skype: haley.ritzlmayr


WENDY SCURR – Advanced TRE® Provider
Phone : 082 449 0464
Cape Town

“Wendy Scurr is a qualified educator who has spent 25 wonderful years working within primary and secondary education, teaching learners of all ages. Her passion for struggling learners took a new turn when she started using Tension Release Exercise (TRE®) as a tool to assist these learners. The results were phenomenal and long lasting, and TRE® soon became her tool of choice. Her keen interest in assisting the body and mind to heal led Wendy to qualify as a Quantum Energy Coach (QEC) in 2013.  She has recently been appointed as the South African supervisor for QEC practitioners. 

Wendy offers both TRE and QEC sessions ONLINE and is able to combine  her skills to devise the best treatment plan for each client, attending to their individual and unique needs.  TRE® and QEC complement each other in a wonderfully holistic way – assisting clients along the road to renewed health and wellness.”

Registered Counselling Psychologist in Cape Town
Phone: 083 631 6952

I am a Body-Based Psychotherapist, registered as a Counselling Psychologist in South Africa. Other modalities that I use in my online practice, besides general counselling, are Somatic Experiencing, EMDR and Brainspotting.

Advanced TRE® Provider and Mentor 

Phone: 82 099 1830
Wynberg, Cape Town

Frances Ward is a registered counsellor (PRC 0013668), specialising in addiction and trauma treatment. She has more than a decade experience in this field.

She has been offering online TRE® sporadically for years as many of her clients who are attending South African rehabs would return to their country of origin. This extension of face to face TRE® often assisted them with the transition to doing TRE® in their homes by themselves.

Frances is also offering ONLINE TRE® GROUPS

Monday 1715 – 1830 open to the public who’ve done TRE® before.
Thursday 1715 – 1830 for health care providers who’ve done TRE® before. Booking required for both groups, please contact her.

If you can gather a group together Frances will run closed groups too. Clients feedback their appreciation of tremoring at home whilst being held virtually. 

Reflexology, Kinesiology, Active Isolated Stretching, Mindfulness Coach
Phone: 82 3775877
Pretoria Gauteng

I discovered TRE® and was thrilled to watch the beautiful dance between body and mind and the delicate unknown and especially the incredible wisdom of the body to be able to regulate exactly what the individual is ready to release. There is nothing I love more than to provide a safe space for a client to mindfully connect with and integrate the healthy and wounded parts of his being in order to become the whole, wonderful living soul he / she was destined to be.

I am offering TRE® ONLINE – Gently release old and recent tensions in the comfort of your home

Dip. Applied Psychology (SACAP)Counsellor, Nature facilitator
Phone: 081 364 5871
Kalk Bay, Southern Peninsula

I am a qualified counsellor working with addiction, depression and anxiety.   I’ve been a TRE provider for the past seven years and love that way that it supports healing by increasing resilience and a sense of vitality.

After an initial assessment, either in person, or online,  I will guide you in having online TRE sessions in your home.  The benefit of doing this online, is integrating it into your home life.

Jody Francke
TRE® Provider 
QEC Practitioner 
Phone: 078 613 0926
Cape Town

TRE® Certification Trainer (trainee)
Phone: +27 84 015 0166
Durban Glenwood, Berea, Morningside

TRE® has expanded my perception and my ability to do my work and to live my life more fully.

I am passionate about this work because the gifts of all people, in the unique expression of who they are, are absolutely essential to create the changes we need to see in the world – and not everyone is aware of the precious gifts they are endowed with.

Some feel stuck, some just want to move forward but aren’t sure where or how and just need some support and encouragement, a talking partner, a cheer leader, a new perspective, reframing to see themselves and to see the next step to their own destiny and greatness. For some, stress and trauma experienced in childhood, adolescence or adulthood, can lead to illness, depression or simply to getting stuck and not finding the way out of a difficult life situation.

TRE® provides a way forward as our bodies shake off and release deep seated – or more recent – stress and trauma. When TRE® is combined with the presence of a present, compassionate and supportive provider, the experience is multiplied!

Leadership for life coaching and TRE contribute to a person’s living a life of personal integrity and to a world where we live together in mutual acceptance of our differences. 

I work ONLINE in English, Portuguese, Spanish and Norwegian, face-to-face or online, individually or in small groups. 

Advanced TRE® Provider

BSc (Hons) HED, QEC Practitioner
Phone: 082 2105273 (mobile & sms)
E-mail: Facebook:
Ballito/ Salt Rock, KZN

My passion for people and teaching stems from many years as an educator. After being introduced to TRE®, and through my own personal journey, I realised what a powerful, life changing tool it can be. The desire to share this knowledge motivated further study to qualify as an Advanced TRE® Provider and I continue to interact and share new knowledge about TRE with colleagues both locally and internationally.

In the spirit of ‘giving back’ to the community, I have worked on community-based projects in Somerset West (including Rape Crisis, Patch, Hospice, Child Welfare, Compassionate Friends). The focus was to assist ‘front-liners’ who are confronted daily with people in crisis and who, because of the stressful nature of this work, are often impacted by their own vicarious trauma

TRE® sessions are offered either face-face or online to individuals, couples and groups. During one-on-one TRE® sessions the pace is adapted to the needs the individual and I feel privileged to be part of each client’s healing journey.

Another option which some people prefer is to join a 6-week Introductory TRE® course, which I periodically offer for small groups of 3-5 people. This course builds confidence and an understanding of the basic concepts as well as emphasising self-regulation so that clients can successfully incorporate and use TRE® to cope with the stressful demands of their day-to-day life.

Over the years that I have taught and facilitated TRE®, I have been constantly amazed and excited by the incredible shifts and changes that my clients have experienced, usually within a short period of time. As witness to similar positive changes in many clients, I remain motivated to continue sharing this hugely empowering technique.

Phone: +27 (060) 902 4721
LinkedIn: Zandile Nkosi
Milnerton, Cape Town

In 2014, I was introduced to TRE® and subsequently trained as a practitioner, a decision that has indelibly changed my life while providing me with another powerful method to assist myself and others using a non-cognitive, effective, mind-body natural healing modality that produces astounding results.

I am a co-founder of a growing digital personal growth and wellness brand, Eneegma Unlocked. Working with people from all walks of life and assisting them to develop their strengths and achieve overall well-being brings me great satisfaction.

I also offer TRE® Online Sessions. Please visit my website for more information and to book your session.

Bobby Jean-Jacques
TRE® Provider 
Addictions Recovery Life Coach
Phone: 076 999 3848
Cape Town, Hout Bay

“As a life coach specialising in the field of recovery from addiction, I soon noticed that with many people entering recovery, there is past trauma. In fact, the very nature of a substance using lifestyle is traumatic. This trauma was getting in the way of change.
Enter TRE®.

To recover requires being open to learning new life skills and practicing these, and when the body mind is in a state of tension/trauma, new learning is virtually impossible. That’s where TRE® comes in, in that the process gradually brings people out of the survival response into the thrive response, and real change has a chance of taking hold.

Recovery is sustained by creating a life worth staying clean for, and in this respect I encourage an approach informed by Integral theory, positive psychology, as well as more traditional approaches. All of which become more easily available once the nervous system gentles down through TRE® practice.”

I offer TRE@ Online, please contact me

Phone: 010 591 2223, 072 444 9223
Blairgowrie, Randburg
Offering TRE® Online

Occupational Therapist (UP) 2011 (Cum Laude), Licensed Adult and Adolescent Sensory Intelligence Practitioner

Jacqui Edgar is specialising in the assessment and treatment of adolescents and adults with psychiatric conditions. She assists clients with vocational, sensory and functional assessment and therapy, geared towards improving functioning in work, studies and lifestyle management.

Graduating Cum Laude from the University of Pretoria in 2011, Jacqui worked at Chris Hani Baragwanath Academic Hospital (CHBAH) for three years where she was awarded the CHBAH’s OT of the Year Award in 2013.

Jacqui assists individuals who experience difficulties processing sensory information (auditory, tactile, movement, smell, taste, visual) to manage these difficulties and to improve their ability to cope in work, home and school environments.

As she frequently works with clients that suffer from anxiety, stress, somatic difficulties and trauma, TRE® is an integral part of her practise.


Founder & Director –  Liifa Pty LTD 
Energy Healer and Teacher
Phone: +27 83 341 9693
Johannesburg North, Rivonia, Kyalami, Centurion

I always believed that the body is an incredibly powerful tool that can heal itself, it’s constantly sending messages on what’s happening physically/mentally and emotionally which we often ignore. This leads to dis-ease that can manifest as stress/anxiety/chronic illnesses and more. This has proven to be true as I learnt more about the body, from my own experiences, those witnessed in my loved ones and clients I’ve had the privilege to facilitate TRE® for and through energy healing work.

In 2012 I made a conscious decision to stop being a victim, I knew that there must be more to life than what I had experienced thus far. I invested more time, money, and energy in my personal development, taking up courses/workshops from various local and international teachers and experienced great shifts in my life. My soul is at its happiest when I am engaging in work that inspires, empowers, and transforms people’s lives, this led to the birth of Liifa in 2019.

Prior, I held several senior management positions within digital/Social Media & CRM data agencies in SA which came with its own stress and trauma that TRE® helped me release and recover from. TRE® helped me with a severe shoulder and neck pain I had for years and released knots from the accumulated tension held on my back. 

I love that TRE® compliments other modalities from Breathwork, energy healing/clearing, reiki and more. 

As a facilitator my aim is to create a safe, supportive space for you and your body to Remember, Re-learn how to use your body to heal itself bringing balance, more joy, peace, harmony, and freedom in your life. 

I offer online individual, couples, group TRE® sessions, facilitate personal development workshops/programs to help people shed old emotions, limiting beliefs enabling them to live to their full potential.

I offer TRE® Online

Certified EFT Practitioner
Phone: 066 481 3810
Johannesburg, Cape Town, Bloemfontein


“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” Mary Oliver

I was introduced to TRE in 2011, as my life did a full 180 – work, solo-parenting and leaving the city to live close to the land. 

Little did I know what challenges and at times, terrifying, adventures lay ahead! 

Through it all, TRE® has been a mainstay. 

More than simply survive, I integrated long-held woundings and trauma and began rediscovering the path to joy, creativity & vibrance. 

TRE® has taught me about the body’s capacity for resilience; how relationship with self and others can be repaired and rebuilt. 

Our bodies hold the stories of our lives and the lives of our ancestors. Through commitment to continued learning and training, I aim to be part of addressing the suffering caused by collective and intergenerational trauma. 

Are you tired of waiting…
to let go of the patterns that hold you back
to feel comfortable in your own skin
to feel safe, confident and connected
for happiness to show up and stay?

Then it’s time to tap into your body’s powerful tools and wisdom to rebalance and restore.

I believe that the people we need come into our lives for a reason, usually when we’re ready for big shifts. If you’ve found yourself here on my profile, feeling a pull to connect it’s likely not a coincidence. I’d love to hear from you and look forward to joining you on the path to finding a deeper sense of internal harmony and overall wellbeing.

Working online allows me to connect with clients from wherever I am and in the setting of their choice. When possible, I travel to the Cape, Johannesburg and Bloemfontein and can arrange in-person sessions for those who would like this option. 

Sport Scientist
Phone: 082 562 1312


I strive to make a difference to better this world.

I believe we are all capable of so much more than we can ever imagine. There is a limitless power within all of us and I am dedicated to helping you unlock it.

As a Tension and Trauma (Stress) Releasing Exercise Provider (TRE®), my vision is to empower you to re-connect with your own body, allowing you to re-create authentic and meaningful relationships with others, and re-emerge feeling relaxed, restored and embodied.

I envision a world where we are not held back from our past or fear our future. We embrace all changes and challenges because we are supported by our fully regulated nervous system, and our relaxed and restored body.

I envision us all re-emerging embodied, ready to engage socially. Supporting each other and uplifting each other. Co-creating a world filled with love and support. 

Expert Consciousness Coach® (CCA)
Associate Certified Coach (ICF)
Transformational Trainer
Family Constellations
Phone: 082 451 3519

I believe that everything in our life starts with us. When we are in a healthy state, mind, body and spirit, we enjoy life so much more and are able to better manage the challenges which come our way. Self-awareness is the key. I love to work with individuals for personal and business transformation. Through the process of Consciousness Coaching, my specific focus is getting down to the core of the individual, enabling them to rediscover themselves and the potential inside of them, thus impacting their lives and businesses positively.

Through my passion for personal development, I embarked on a journey with TRE® and how a trauma-informed approach supports individuals to address the root cause of what keeps them stuck which then supports them to unlock their potential. Through the TRE® process, individuals are supported to regulate their nervous system which is an awakening of its own and is the foundation from which operate and grow from. I combine coaching and the TRE® process to support individuals holistically through conscious development so that they can live a life they truly love and thrive in. I offer private individual sessions and TRE® Group work facilitation. Also available are Coaching-TRE® combo packages.

Wellbeing Coach
Phone: 072 195 1295

Charisse is a Wellbeing Coach and certified TRE® Provider with a particular passion for somatic healing.

As a trauma survivor Charisse brings a personal approach to helping clients recover from chronic stress and trauma. She uses a combination of somatic experiencing, meditation and TRE® to assist clients restore and rebalance their nervous systems for connection, growth and healing.

Phone: 082 458 5450

I have a Diploma in Bible Study for Ministry as well as a diploma in Christian Counseling. I worked in a corporate environment for 21 years and at the end of 2019 I took an early retirement package with the intention of eventually finding another job that was not in the Corporate environment anymore. I am so grateful for the timing of that early retirement offer! 

About 12 years ago I was invited to a group session for someone that was training to be a TRE® Provider and it was fascinating. I only had one session, but it made such an impact that I had that experience in the back of my mind for a long time and I subscribed to a TRE® newsletter to keep up to date with what was happening. 

In 2020 I enrolled to become a Certified TRE® Provider and what an exciting journey this has been. I am passionate about helping people to help themselves and hope this is exactly what I will be doing for the years to come.

I believe we are all destined for greatness and the potential to complete healing and wholeness lies within each one of us. For me it is important to know what kind of atmosphere we carry and to always know what it feels like to be at peace. My peaceful atmosphere is what I have to offer my clients to help them feel safe. I am grateful to be part of a process where I can facilitate someone’s healing, restoration and re-connecting to their beautiful essence. 

Phone: 083 386 0621
Facebook: Healing with TRE

I am a qualified TRE® Provider who would like to embark on a journey with you to heal yourself from the continuous impact of stress and trauma on your body.

TRE® Provider
Medic & Health Consultant
Phone: +27790515595

I have survived over 180 personal traumas and countless others as a paramedic.

TRE has helped me release these traumas in the most beautiful & powerful way, enabling me to overcome anxiety, depression, insomnia and addiction to prescribed medications. My passion is to share this healing journey with others.

Trauma Counselling
Phone No: 083 536 7897

I am a mother of three, and originally trained in education and involved with community work.

My own healing journey brought me to TRE and I knew the first time I heard of it that this was my missing puzzle piece on my journey. My journey with TRE has been a discovery of myself and a deep healing journey on not only physical, but emotional levels.

I believe the body cannot lie and that TRE is a tremendously powerful way of healing. I believe no trauma is too great to heal and that the body has the capacity to facilitate much of it safely and profoundly.

Phone: +27 662694297

For more than 12 years (ongoing), I have been working with a group of specialized doctors that I have carefully selected, offering medical management to South Africans injured while working abroad. We provide medical care until the patients reach MMI (Maximum Medical Improvement).

Several years ago I was diagnosed with Orthostatic Tremors and the diagnosis was confirmed by a second Neurologist. My life changed dramatically – most basic tasks were found to be difficult and my body did not respond well to the different therapies and medications. At that time I was seeing an Endocrinologist and he, knowing what I did for a living, suggested TRE and that I become a TRE Provider.

Life happened, I was very busy, and I tried managing the Orthostatic Tremors with more medication and alternative treatments.

Then, with perfect timing I started my TRE journey, and what a fabulous journey it still is. My quality of life has improved and I have a much deeper compassion for people and their needs.

So when you are ready, and the timing is just right, I would love to meet you.

CAREN NELL  – TRE® Provider
Yoga instructor
Massage therapist
Phone:064 685 7847
Instagram: Tre_Caren 

Having been an active person with a healthy appetite for exercise as well as good nourishing food; all my life I could not quite comprehend the constant physical pains and IBS symptoms I permanently lived with; the attacks of IBS often resulted in depression or anxiety.

The feeling that there was a deeper reason for all of this was always at the back of my mind as I was very aware that the body was affecting my mind or my mind was affecting my body. I was looking for more than medication in order to just control the symptoms.

TRE has been a life changing process for me; it changed me personally on a physical and mental level. I no longer live with IBS and aches and pains.

This has lead me to working deeper with clients to release what is stored, the transformation is a constant wonder. Meeting clients for the first time and guiding them through their journey only to meet the true individual once we have released what has been stored. We all have a story and we know it; the key is to prevent the body from keeping the score and living a connected life.

My process has allowed me to connect to a better me both mentally and physically giving me a passion for helping others to live a better quality of life.

Phone: 083 203 0309
Claremont, Cape Town

I have a background in injury rehabilitation and fitness coach. I am a certified communication and growth counselor in private practice.

LEXI MEIER – TRE® Provider
Yoga teacher, Reiki practitioner 
Phone:  079 390 7249
Knysna, Western Cape 

Having struggled with depression, anxiety, perfectionism, people-pleasing and much emotional and physical pain, I have found this work to be most helpful and most rewarding in my own journey back towards myself.

I qualified as a TRE provider in January 2019. I have since come to love this work dearly. I love working with people to connect/reconnect to their deep inner experiences of the world. I love holding a safe and grounding space for the full range of human emotion. I love that we as human beings can reframe and allow and accept the deeply painful parts of our authentic selves in this process.

My wish is to offer a held and soft space that allows for release (whatever that may look like for each individual and for each moment in time), for reconnection and reclamation of self.

Phone: 081 777 2928
Honeydew, Gauteng, or Online

Be You.

TRE ® helped me; let it Be You.

Intuitive Transformation Coach, Speaker, Author, Family Constellations Facilitator, Professional Photographer
Phone: +27 82 441 5860
Gauteng, South Africa

I’ve learnt that we cannot deny that our bodies keep the score, expressing exactly where we are at the time. My experience of paralysing misalignment pointed straight to a deep pattern of self-betrayal, and a debilitating denial of my own intrinsic worth. Some deep personal work has slowly ushered me back to my core. After years of peeling off the masks, I wrote and published an autobiography: Unlocked – A Journey Inward To Utter Truth, spreading the message of living authentically.

When I came across TRE®, it grabbed me with both hands. After only a few sessions the change was tangible. It is the simplest, most profoundly-transformative technique that I’ve used to date, both personally and professionally. It’s taken a golden thread and stitched together years of healing, freeing my body from persistent tension patterns and enabling me to embody my natural way of being.

It is an honour to offer this modality to individuals who are ready to shake off the layers that are holding them hostage. TRE® addresses anything from daily stress to deep behavioural patterns and traumas, bringing the possibility of renewed awakening and wellbeing.

I offer both individual sessions and group sessions, in-person and online. As more people benefit from TRE®, the ripple effect of global healing extends through families, communities, countries and beyond, creating a more compassionate and connected world. With many years of facilitation experience, the support I offer during the TRE® process is multi-dimensional.

My aim is to create a safe and supportive space so that your body can do what it does best. Heal. Through the facilitation, you will be equipped with a technique that you can reach for whenever you feel the need to recalibrate and re-balance.