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TRE® Provider Membership

TRE® Provider Membership:

All certified TRE® Providers in South Africa and other countries on the African continent can sign up to become members of TFA.
The annual membership fee for 2017/18 is R 300.
Paid up members can/ will

  • have their professional profile listed on the website
  • submit their TRE Events to the calendar
  • participate in writing articles or submitting content for the blog
  • receive a newsletter from TFA
  • choose to have their Practice/Events advertised via the Public Newsletter from the website (free of charge if it is done via a template sharing in Mailchimp, R 250 per mailshot if the newsletter needs to be converted/set up or re-written)

 TFA may or may not revise the annual fee from 1 May 2018.HOW TO SIGN UP: 

  1. Pay the membership fee via EFT to the following account:
    TRE for Africa Foundation
    Investec Bank Branch Code 580105
    Account Number: 5000 901 1550REF : YOUR SURNAME /M (for membership)
  2. Send a proof of payment and the details for your profile to Full Name – TRE Provider L1/L2/Adv etc.
    Your other qualifications (optional)
    Phone no
    Email address
    Website Address (if any)
    Area of operation or addressAn ‘about me’ blurb of no more than 300 words.Send ANY Photo (jpg) as attachment (NOT included in a PDF or WORD file please) – we will cut/convert it to fit.
  3. You will receive an invoice marked ‘paid’ and a new invoice will be sent to you 12 months after your last payment.
  4. You can cancel your membership anytime but there will be NO REFUNDS.
  5. For UPDATES/CHANGES on your profile please send an email to, it will be done asap.


REGISTERING AS A USER on this website does not bring your profile up on the list. Even of you fill in the details about yourself in the USER section, we will not be able to use these for creating your profile. The only way to get listed is explained above.

We sincerely thank everyone who paid up and is listed on our website.

The annual fees are used for the maintenance and extension of this site as well as general administration of TFA and small projects as opportunity arises.