by Dr Melanie Salmon TRE Certifying Trainer


From left to right top row:Zubair Rahim, Zubeida Arnold, Angelique Lombard, Nozuko Maseko, Shereen Galant, Given Hlongwane, Jurgens Pieterse bottom row: Tim Knight, Melanie Salmon (Principle Trainer), Lechesa Tsenoli, Desiree English absent but certified: Joyce Thwala

In March 2016 Mr Buyile Bashe, head of Wellness in Parliament Cape Town, invited me to train a selection of Parliamentary staff as Accredited TRE® Providers. The Wellness Centre sees a lot of stress and tension in the workplace and are aware of the benefits of TRE®. This is due to ongoing awareness raising by the Parliamentarian Mr Lechesa Tsenoli, now a Level Three TRE® trainee being mentored by me.

Following an introductory TRE® Talk and Demo, 16 staff members from various departments signed up for the training. We trained them in the Wellness Centre during Module one, and then moved the venue to Somerset West for module two.
The assistant Trainers were Desiree English and Tim Knight.  Lechesa assisted when his Parliamentary duties allowed, and he remained in touch and supportive throughout the 7 months.

Due to illness and other reasons, several trainees dropped out and we certified 8 remaining trainees on 4 October in Somerset West.  The Wellness staff  came to celebrate this unique achievement and discussions were held regarding the implementation of TRE® into their wellness program.

The 8 people who certified are extremely competent. While the issue of how they will free up time from their other duties to do TRE® remains to be discussed,  we as a training team have every confidence that they will be successful in managing stress in the workplace using TRE®. We intend to provide ongoing support to the graduates for the foreseeable future in the way of regular supervision and access to us for any problems that may arise. Desiree English is working on introducing a variety of tailor-made TRE® programs for staff that initially we will lead, and which over time, will be run by the TRE® Providers in Parliament.

I wish to thank Deputy Speaker Lechesa Tsenoli for his ongoing motivation and support in introducing TRE® into Parliament.

Melanie Salmon E