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External conflict comes to an end with the dawn of internal peace. (David Berceli, PhD)

TRE® Provider Training KwaZulu Natal 2015

TRE® Provider Training Durban , KZN – October 2015 – June 2016

The Module I Workshop 22 -24 October was held at TRE-Unwind Your Life in Winston Park – attended by 7 TRE Trainees who are now continuing with supervision group meetings, followed by the Module II Workshop in February and certification in June 2016.

(Supervision dates and the dates for Module II can be found in the Events section of this website)

The next TRE Provider Training track will commence in May 2016 and information is available here : TRE KZN Provider Training 2016

Read testimonials from participants further down on the page :

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My experience over the last few days was life changing. I feel empowered by the information I had the opportunity to practically trial out. I have seen massive changes in my body. I came to the weekend not knowing what to expect and having extreme shoulder and neck pain from a few years of high stress levels. By the end of my 4th tremoring session I felt a massive release and relief from pain which has continued since. I am sleeping much deeper and with hardly any pain. I did experience a definite detoxifaction after day one which lasted until a day or two post the weekend. For the most part I have felt lighter, more energetic, clearer in mind and calmer in spirit.

I am so sold on TRE as a vital tool in my own life now and I can’t wait to share this with others when that time comes as well. (Brigitte)


I have attended the first TRE Workshop with Susanne Thomas and after my tremor experience I do know that this will be a huge benefit for my clients in my Body Talk Practice. Thank you to a wonderful teacher.(Connie)


TRE has been a life-changing awakening for me personally. I know that that I am not nearly finished on this journey of TRE and that it will continuously enhance my life in ways I am still going to discover, but I do feel that TRE is the bridge that helps connect our mind, body and soul and it invokes within me not only an unconditional love, (compassion is what I suppose Steven Porges calls it), but a heartfelt yearning to want to share this with everyone so we can all be “re-connected” in the way we are meant to be. (Jaquie)


Coming together to experience the benefits of tremor, that let’s your body naturally react to activation, which animals due automatically. It’s a pure learning for you, your body and understanding the biology of the cause and effect of tremor. (Liesel)