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External conflict comes to an end with the dawn of internal peace. (David Berceli, PhD)

Vision, Mission and Board

TRE® FOR AFRICA FOUNDATION was  established in 2015 by a group of TRE® Certification Trainers in South Africa in an effort to share this valuable tool with the peoples of South Africa and throughout the African continent.

South Africa is on the forefront of development in global TRE®. It was the first country to successfully implement a national TRE® Certification track for Providers in 2011 and since then, South Africa has accomplished sustained growth in TRE® Provider training and has substantially increased public awareness.

TFA administration is based in Hillcrest, KwaZulu Natal and in addition to KZN we are represented by our Board Members in the Western Cape and Limpopo/Mpumalanga. (For administrative information, NPO Number etc., please scroll to the bottom of this page)



TRE® FOR AFRICA FOUNDATION aims to support people within South African and the African continent, by providing individuals and communities with the necessary skills to recover and heal themselves following traumatic events.


The Trust will be involved in activities that promote the provision of TRE to all peoples within South Africa and the African continent. This will be accomplished in the following ways:

  • To bring knowledge of and training in the method of TRE to towns, regions, provinces and into other African countries.
  • To establish a group of volunteers among certified TRE Practitioners who can provide disaster relief to people in areas affected by traumatic events.
  • Distribute information on TRE to the public via various media outlets, and arrange events for the public to attend to demonstrate the value of TRE.
  • The Trust will forge connections with Government/NGO departments and structures in South Africa and other African countries to coordinate public awareness workshops.
  • Register with local Government Departments as a provider of health services.

The Trust will work towards providing support to all people within South Africa and the African continent, with the initial specific focus on the following:

  • Introducing high risk groups, which include, among others, members of the police force, emergency workers, social workers, veterans, psychologists, counsellors and volunteers as well as schools and rehabilitation centres to TRE®.
  • Teaching TRE® to vulnerable and abused individuals, survivors of trauma such as natural disasters, violent attacks, home invasions and other traumatic incidents.
  • Seeking collaboration with other NGO’s and NPO’s who can assist in identifying individuals/communities who need this care the most.



LechesasmallHon Lechesa Tsenoli  is currently the Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly of the Parliament of the Republic of South Africa and has been a public representative for the past 21 years. Prior to this he was the Minister of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs and the Deputy Minister of Rural Development. Before becoming a public representative he was an activist in the leadership of the United Democratic Front, and subsequently the South African National Civic Organisation. He is also a trained Facilitator. He has certificates in Adult Education, Public Policy and Community Development practice. He has a Diploma in International Programme of Organisational Systems Development (2005/6), a certificate in Gestalt Cape Cod Model of Intervention and is an Advanced TRE® Provider and ambassador for TRE®.

I came to know about TRE from a friend who introduced me to Dr Melanie Salmon at a Gestalt workshop in Cape Town. Melanie invited me to be amongst the first people to be trained as TRE Practitioners by the founder of TRE, Dr Berceli. My introduction to TRE happened at a very appropriate time. I was extremely extended, stressed and certainly heading for burn-out. So, when Dr Melanie Salmon introduced it to me i embraced it fully. My health has definitely improved as a result and I also have a coping strategy for the stress that comes with my job and life generally.

It has been extremely gratifying to hear the relief people speak about after experiencing TRE, especially after initially being skeptical. It has been and continues to be a pleasure to introduce TRE in a variety of places including in government and in NGO’s. There is no doubt that TRE is the best modality to bring relief from tension and stress and the effects of new and old traumatic experiences.

Ingrid New PhotoSmIngrid Regenass is a TRE Certification Trainer, Integral Health Coach and Mindfulness Teacher (MBSR) based in Cape Town. She has qualifications in nursing, exercise and fitness, clinical nutrition, counseling and coaching and has worked in the field of health promotion and wellness for over 20 years. Over the years her work has evolved to include a variety of modalities, which she draws from to empower people to journey towards optimal health and wholeness.

Ingrid’s personal TRE journey began in 2011 and she went on to train as a TRE Provider and Trainer by the founder of TRE Dr. David Berceli. Her intention and passion is to take TRE into communities who experience the destructive effects of chronic stress and trauma. She has worked on a number of TRE community projects and initiatives in the past few years, namely: Chrysalis Research Project, SOS Children’s Village Project, The Clothing Bank (NGO), Life Choices (NGO) and SAPS (South African Police Service) FCS unit Cape Town.

In March 2015 Ingrid called on the TRE Providers in the Western Cape to offer free TRE sessions for fire fighters, emergency personnel and community members affected by the devastating runaway fires around the peninsula. This successful collaboration led her to initiate the forming of the TRE Western Cape Actin Group Committee with the primary intention of increasing awareness around TRE, forming a TRE Disaster Relief Team and an action group for taking TRE into chronically stressed and traumatized communities in the Western Cape.

Su Thomas Susanne Thomas is TRE® Certification Trainer and Life Coach in Durban, KwaZulu Natal. Her TRE® journey started when David Berceli taught a workshop in her hometwon of choice, Durban, in 2011 and her decision to advance to be a Certification Trainer was a direct result of her own, life changing experience with TRE®. Born in Germany, she lives in SA for more than 20 years, having left a career and business behind to pursue a different way of life. A decision she never regretted.

Teaching TRE® and advancing the public knowledge of the method, as well as sharing new thought and discoveries into the nature of traumatic experience has become her passion and much loved work. TRE® has been the catalyst for change in her life and she is most grateful and passionate about giving this tool to others to use for their own empowerment and growth.

TRE FOR AFRICA FOUNDATION is a Non-Profit Organisation NPO Number 154-971-NPO – Registered with the Magistrate’s Court in Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu Natal  – Letter of Authority/Trust Deed and SARS Registration No IT000156/2015(N). TFA is based in KwaZulu Natal and administered by the Charity Division of EWING TRUST Inc., Hillcrest 3610. PBO Tax exemption and BEE points are given via our Affiliation with AwesomeSA “South Africans Positively Influencing the Future”, a Non-Profit Organization Reg No 059- 801 – Pietermaritzburg KwaZulu Natal, South Africa.
Copies of all relevant certificates can be obtained by contacting TFA.