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External conflict comes to an end with the dawn of internal peace. (David Berceli, PhD)

Western Cape – Coastal and Inland

For your safety and comfort you should only receive TRE® guidance from certified individuals. Please do not receive TRE®  guidance from anyone who is not certified and listed on this website or on Although the exercises evoke tremors easily, the ability to understand and safely guide a person through a successful completion of a session is more complex. The goal of providing you with certified TRE® Providers is to ensure you have a safe, pleasant and positive experience.

A certified TRE® Provider is qualified to take both individuals and groups through the TRE Process. A certified TRE® Practitioner is qualified to take individuals through the TRE® Process. A TRE® Certification Trainer will offer individual and group TRE® as well as TRE® Provider Training.



Clinical Psychologist, Energy Psychology
Specialized in Somatic Experiencing (SE™)
Hypnotherapy, Eye movement integration (EMI)
Phone: 021 9756363/4 or 073 1411153
Area: Durbanville

TRE® Certification Trainer
QEC (Quantum Energy Coaching) Training
Gestalt Training
Phone: 072 3322173
Somerset West

Dr Melanie Salmon (MB BCh Rand) took early retirement from General Practice in UK (2009) to introduce TRE® to South Africa. She ran the National Training program with Dr David Berceli, founder, between 2009 and 2012.

Go to Dr Salmon’s Trainer page for more info on TRE® Provider Training in 2017 : Dr Melanie Salmon – TRE® Training/Advanced/Workshops 

Follow this link to sign up to Dr Salmon’s Newsletters for Provider training in TRE® , QEC (Quantum Energy Coaching) and GESTALT Counselling: One Vision Africa Newsletter

Dr Salmon has facilitated several TRE® Projects ( Helderberg Rape Crisis Centre, SOS Children’s Village , Chrysalis Academy and in 2016 she took TRE® into the Cape Flats and into the SA Parliament.

TRE has continued to grow exponentially year on year and is the tool of choice, negating endless & expensive therapy sessions to deal with ones stress, tension or trauma.In the world that we currently find ourselves in, we are faced with the day to day unfolding of trauma & violence.

QUOTE : “later that night I held an atlas in my lap, ran my fingers across the whole world & whispered “where does it hurt?'” It answered “Everywhere, everywhere, everywhere” ~ Warsan Shire

Our bodies are like an atlas of all the roads that we have traveled in our life time and there are times we feel like we hurt ‘everywhere’. Before we can live in a world with less pain & suffering, we need to deal with the pain & suffering within ourselves. TRE® is unquestionably the tool of choice for finding our road to freedom from our past.

ADVANCED TRE® Providers 

Mari-Luisa Becker

Kliniese Sielkundige / Clinical Psychologist
Praktyk nr / Practice nr: 086 000 0188956
Phone : 083 633 3996
E-mail :

Practice : Vitali Wellness Centre, Serpentine Manor, Hoekwil Road, WILDERNESS

During my internship year as a Clinical Psychologist I felt a strong sense that ‘there must be more’. After seven years, I felt like I knew very little of the intricacies of the fascinating human being.
Inquisitive, I entered a process called SHIP®. I discovered that the world of wisdom is safely stored inside our bodies – each person concealing a different part of life’s mystery. During my years in SHIP® I opened up and completed trauma locked up deep inside the tissue of my body – discovering so much more of me, waking up the frozen potentialities of self, slowly accumulating wisdom.
Somewhere during those years, I started to experience that my hands could feel ‘more than they are supposed to’. Another world came to life. Integrating this with my love of anatomy and physiology (the aspect of ‘self’ that I feared the most), I started my training in CranioSacral Therapy®, Visceral-® and Neural Manipulation®. I discovered that my hands can feel the same process that my body can experience, and can unlock stubborn on-hold energy.
My healing process was profound, but slow and painful and often made me feel ungrounded. Raising two children and running a 7h/day practice in Pretoria, I prayed for a solution. I noticed Dr Berceli’s eyes in an email and couldn’t resist the invitation. This wise man and TRE® changed my life, bringing fun and groundedness to a healing process. Integrating TRE® with the other modalities helped me to unlock parts of me that I couldn’t imagine existed. Changes rippled through my family. Clients and friends blossomed. Life’s impossibilities became possible.
End of July 2017 we relocated from Douglas NC, to The Garden Route. I’m opening a practice in an idyllic setting, but also have a burning desire for projects that can touch countless lives.

Advanced TRE® Provider

Phone: 082 721 8149
Area: Stellenbosch, Somerset-West, Strand, Gordons Bay

I run a Wellness Practice in Somerset West where I draw on my knowledge of various complementary and alternative therapies to support and empower people on their journey towards health and wellbeing.

My special interest is working with cancer patients and I have been privileged to witness the power of the body to heal when it is supported using a holistic approach.  My own path to recovering my health has taught me many valuable life lessons which I see as a gift that has given me greater sensitivity, intuition and insight for the benefit of those with whom I share life’s journey.

I love working with people and witnessing the growth and potential of the human spirit and the wonder of the body’s innate capacity for healing. My passionate interest in Natural Health and Complementary & Alternative Therapies compels me to constantly research these topics and at present I am evaluating various longer term study options to obtain a degree in this field.

Childhood trauma and the effects of chronic long term stress left me with a diminished ability to cope. Several accidents resulting in spinal injuries further affected my posture and breathing. Eventually the debilitating muscle tension, pain and fatigue caused me to feel that I was just surviving life without any capacity for joy.

TRE helped my body relax physically and emotionally I became more balanced and peaceful. With continued practice I felt lighter and more joyful. My posture improved dramatically and I have been able to maintain it with ease.  I no longer live with constant pain and have developed a greater sense of body awareness which enables me to listen to my body’s inner wisdom and act on its queues. My energy levels are excellent and I now possess the resources to deal with stressful situations and conflict more positively.

My experience of TRE is that it is a gentle, self-empowering modality for dealing with past trauma and accumulated stress, without requiring one to verbalise past experiences and in so doing re-traumatise your system. I really enjoy working with this modality and witnessing the positive change it brings to my clients.


Clinical Psychologist
Phone 078 869 3602

I work in private practice in Stellenbosch, at 63 Dorpstreet. As a clinical psychologist I use my training and experience to guide clients and to help them move towards health, happiness and wellbeing. Clients consult me because of any form of distress, such as depression, anxiety, eating disorders, problems with relationships, problems with adjustment, concentration (ADHD), self-image, grief and loss, or any form of trauma. Human beings can transform and resolve any form of distress or uncertainty. No issue or problem is too big or too small to bring to therapy.

Human beings are multi-dimensional and interconnected beings. Whatever affects one system within the human entity, will have an effect on every other system, whether physical, emotional, psychological, neurological or spiritual. Depending on the client’s needs and experiences, any system may be used as the entry point to start the therapeutic healing journey. Therapy may start with the body based therapies, such as TRE or SE, or the mind based therapies such as CBT or DBT, or the unconscious or with dissociated states (Hypnotherapy or Ego-state therapy) or positive psychology and energy healing modalities such as EFT or Mindfulness, or more neurological, multi-modal modalities such as EMDR or EMI. Wherever the journey starts in therapy, the goal is for the individual to function optimally at all levels, as a healthier, more integrated and happier being.

Advanced TRE® Provider

TRE Group courses, individual TRE facilitation
Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine
Phone: +27 72 494 6869
Area: Stellenbosch & Somerset-West, Western Cape

I had been involved with complementary medicine since 1994 when, in 2002, I had the opportunity to begin three and a half years of formal training in Chinese Medicine; this ignited an extensive period of introspection:
At this time I had a “light-bulb” moment when I realised and acknowledged I had been experiencing depression since high school, and so began a progressively intensifying journey to resolution with “internal medicine” – this gave me experiential insight into how our unresolved emotional imbalances are the underlying causes affecting our wellbeing (which is indeed what the Classical Chinese texts tell us), a process that continued when I moved back to South Africa in 2008 to start a practice.
In 2012 TRE® synchronistically crossed my path, which immediately gave me an enhanced tool for my own healing, so at the same time I decided to undertake the practitioner training. Of the many modalities I have investigated TRE® has given me the ability to deal with some highly stressful circumstances, and I have been witness to such remarkable change and healing in myself and many others. This platform beautifully complements Chinese Medicine, philosophically and practically, in that it fundamentally re-connects our awareness with our body’s integral healing mechanism.

I truly see this journey as a gift that has given me not only another wonderful modality to work with, but also deeper sensitivity, intuition and insight for the benefit of those struggling with their own health and sense of fulfillment in life, and it is my privilege to facilitate others seeking well-being; above all, this is a journey of transformation to self-empowerment on which I humbly and gratefully invite others to walk.

Life Coach, Pilates Instructor
Sports Massage Therapist
Phone: 082 606 1246
Area: Durbanville, Uitzicht

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Marléne  has worked with hundreds of people individually & in groups through their own journey of mental, emotional and physical discovery and transformation.
She herself has experienced trauma emotionally and physically from an early age , which has assisted her to empathize with others who have too.  She has a strong fundamental theme of creating safety in allowing her client to explore the awareness around how “our condition, life experiences and thinking affects our every result”.  Marléne’s style of session work is very personal, relaxed, nurturing yet it is disciplined enough to encourage clients to feel safe enough to be vulnerable and navigate through their barriers to find the self-empowerment beyond.
Her burning desire is to be able to open a center where she can empower traumatized individuals to be able to self regulate the effects of trauma in their lives.
She is continually adding to her skills by attending workshops and courses regarding emotional and physical trauma release modalities.
She also attends continued Supervision as required

Skills incorporated in the various programs on offer

  • Life Coaching  (NLP)
  • Enneagram Accredited practitioner
  • TRE Advanced Provider
  • Mindful Movement Teacher
  • Pilates & Callanetics  & Indoor Cycling Instructor
  • Colour Therapist
  • Sports Massage Therapist have all be fields in which she has studied and contribute to her services she offers clients
  • Shzen & Avon consultant
  • founded Self & More in 2011

35 plus years of experience in the corporate environment and physical fitness and movement  fields combined. 

vera melvillVERA MELVILL – ADVANCED TRE® Provider
QEC Practitioner/Astrologer
Phone : 021 8522534 and 083 953 3637
Somerset West

Phone: 082 5610124
Area: Somerset West, Stellenbosch

I facilitate TRE® INTRODUCTORY COURSES  and TRE® Open Groups @ The Treehouse, 19b Jacaranda Street, Somerset West.

I also offer ‘Soul Journey’ retreats on a regular basis, please call or mail me for more info ! Thank you

Clinical Psychologist
Phone: 082 6868118 or 021 4395923
Area: Somerset West and Green Point


TRE® Providers

Phone: 072 4951442
Area: Franschhoek

Although I have spent a good part of my life in Conservation and the Creative Arts, I was from a very young age, intrigued by and perhaps out of necessity, compelled to study Complementary and Alternative Therapies, some of which include; Emotional Freedom Technique, Touch for Health, Certification for Anatomy, Physiology and Pathologies, Energy Medicine, Bach Flower Remedies, TRE and I am currently studying Craniosacral Therapy. Over the course of the last 16 years I have recognised the enormous value in practicing these modalities myself and latterly in using them to encourage others to allow their bodies to facilitate their own healing. TRE in particular is a gentle, safe, self-empowering modality for dealing with past trauma and accumulated stress, without the need to verbalise any past experiences. With continued practice it helps one to reconfigure our innate resources and reclaim a sense of wholeness.

Dr TONJA BLOM – TRE® Provider
(DBL, MBA, BCOM, BA, Master HR Professional, BKP Int Cert, 3HO Foundation SA)
Phone No: 071 203 0074
Area: Villiersdorp/Hermanus

I combine hard-core academic work with alternative modalities (TRE®, Applied Kinesiology, Kundalini Yoga) to assist individuals, groups and organisations to reduce stress and tension, to balance energy towards more optimal functioning and to open up a path of self-discovery and healing.
The context of my 2014/15 doctoral research related to organisational change, diversity and stress. As the high incidence of stress is not acknowledged in any organisational change models, I work towards the academic inclusion of this reality into the field or organisational development. My academic research continues to explore individual struggles towards wholeness and self-identity. Most of my research papers are available on my website.
My areas of specialty includes organisational development and well being. Looking through a lens of change, stress and diversity I apply tailored solutions towards sustainable transformation of the self. I apply these approaches in individual sessions as well as in group work, workshops and retreats.
Personally, in terms of TRE®, I think the contribution is creating an academic foundation into the reality of stress and alternative modalities. My aim is to create credibility whilst starting to move the methods more towards mainstream interventions which contributes towards easier acceptance while creating academic and public validity.
I included TRE® in my research papers on Organisational Change and continue to present at international academic conferences. Please use this link to read a full article and to download my papers (PDF):
Presenting TRE® on Academic Conferences Internationally

Phone: 082 5776537
Area: Knysna, Western Cape

WC DonovanBrownDONOVAN BROWN – TRE® Provider
Quantum Energy Coaching
Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Phone: 079 614 7181

Area: Hermanus/Kleinmond/Overstrand

I am a TRE Provider with a special interest in Neurobiology and Neuropsychology and learning how these change with the TRE process. How TRE, so effortlessly, with practice changes the internal landscape and the external experience of the individual to a positive state, in a safe gentle way is always awe-inspiringly simple to me, and more importantly, to my clients.

I practice full time as a TRE Provider and Hypnotherapist and have been involved in the complementary health field for 25+. Starting on my path by participating in guided group meditations, focused breathing sessions and Chi Gung training, to leading these sessions, and learning so much along the way.

Working in the Overstrand and Helderberg areas I see individual clients on a one-to-one basis over a 12 week cycle.
You might be curious as to the one question I ask all my clients? Well it is simply, ‘I am ready to walk the path with you now, are you ready?’


Bowen Therapist
Phone : 072 906 1010 or 021 853 3351
E-mail :
Strand, Gordons Bay, Somerset West

rosalinddockROSALIND DOCKENDORFF – TRE® Provider
Yoga Facilitator,Touch for Health,
Neurotraining, TRE Fascia Release,
Dorn Technique, Reiki
Phone: 082 370 0939
Area: Plettenberg Bay, Western Cape

Yoga has been my passion for over 10 years.  It has helped me make better life choices and one of those choices was TRE.  This beautifully gentle self healing modality changed my body and my attitude towards my yoga practice and my life.  After a few months of TRE, I felt like my body went back to basic, which it did. The emotional contractions in my body were suffocating me, I was hard in my practice and hard on myself in life. TRE freed my musculature system, my mind and my attitude towards my body.  I have recently started strengthening my body with a completely new awareness of how my body feels. The new strength in my muscles is organic and I have an amazing awareness of sensations, tweaks, pains, pulls, pretty much anything the body is doing on the inside.  It’s empowering and I feel quite courageous in the choices I am making for myself in life now.

I have found that yoga and TRE are a brilliant combination.  While teaching yoga at rehabilitation centers in Gauteng I have seen the desperate need for those in recovery to experience TRE.  I have trained in other modalities, Touch for Health, Neurotraining, TRE Fascia Release, Dorn technique and Reiki and they all add to the TRE experience I offer.


Phone: 082 7875721
Website: TRE Healing
Stellenbosch, Paarl

Read Anette Laker’s testimonial here : My Healing through the TRE® Process
TRE Intro’s and classes click here: TRE Healing – Upcoming Events

angelook_smANGÉ LOOCK-SHEARER – TRE® Provider
Occupational Therapist, Quantum Energy Coach
Health and Nutritional Advisor
Phone: 021 852 3021
Address: 32 Dirkie Uys Street Somerset West

Ange is a qualified Occupational Therapist, who is a passionate health and nutritional advisor that has studied and followed alternative healing therapies for the past twenty years while living in New York. Ange moved away from conventional medicine after witnessing the affects that modern drugs had on patients during her Psychiatric practical block at Stikland Medical institution. It was during this time that she realised that modern medicine did not address the cause of illness nor did it aim to heal the patient. Drugs “treat” the disease rather than the patient that is suffering from it and Ange vowed that she would never use drug treatment unnecessarily when effective and natural solutions are available. She would treat the patient as a whole entity and on a much deeper level – spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically.
Ange returned to SA nine years ago and opened her own practice, incorporating the entire Vibrant Health range of natural supplements into her treatments as she believed so wholly in ethics and scientific nature of all Mark Timon’s formulations and had experienced the health benefits first hand many years prior when she was very ill and after trying anything and everything this was her turning point.
As a health consultant, Ange uses her broad knowledge of the human body, as well as health and healing modalities to determine her client’s innate needs. She works deeply with her own very strong instincts, as a medical intuitive, which she confirms via Kinesiology. This is all done in conjunction with changing and evolving the client’s lifestyle and diet, and helped with detoxification, nutritional, mental, spiritual and emotional support.
TRE and QEC practitioner training was added to be able to enhance her clients healing path, but it first became her own most powerful healing journey. She now incorporates both QEC and TRE in a significant way to her practice in order to achieve a more holistic and complete result.

Carina-PhotoCARINA LOUW –  TRE® Provider
Quantum Energy Coaching (QEC)
Phone: 082 9258569
Strand, Somerset West, Gordon’s Bay


sanmarievosloo01SANMARI VOSLOO – TRE® Provider
Fascia Release/ TOUCH FOR TRE
Myofascial level 2 practitioner, paediatrics and unwinding
Phone: 082 535 0698
Area: Stellenbosch

Healing holistically from the inside out.
Sanmari is a body worker passionate about using the body’s natural healing ability to bring healing to people who have been through a traumatic/stressful experience both physically and emotionally.
Sanmari helps clients to empower themselves consciously so they can know themselves as peaceful, complete, whole and safe. She came to TRE® through her studies on psychological, body connections and her love for kids and their healthy development. As her own son was diagnosed with cerebral palsy she became focused on finding  modalities with concrete results which led to her personal healing journey. As a result she   wishes to share this work with everyone.   She is trained in various modalities and is vibrant and passionate about her work. She does individual and group sessions.
Empower yourself to use your body’s natural healing power to live a more fulfilling life.